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...I highly recommend Dylan’s coaching & practices to others because it works!

Before I started, I was a bit apprehensive to do UZAZU Coaching via web video with someone I have never met. I imagined maybe I’d just be doing movements with Dylan, but the coaching sessions have more elements of ‘actual coaching’ than I first expected. 

With Dylan’s special techniques, skills and intuitions, it is amazing how quickly we identified the underlying problems, and hence could focus and work on them. 

The sessions I’ve had with Dylan have helped me to realize a lot about the transition I want to make, and gave me the confidence that I will make it and come out as a better and happier person living a more meaningful life. 

Working together, things started to move and shift instead of being stuck and I’ve gained much insight and clarity into the root causes and my weaknesses. I’m much clearer now on where I stand, and where I want to go. While we are looking into the mind and heart for answers, we are able to use UZAZU to help energies flow, and connect body and mind. 

The combination of coaching and the UZAZU practices is perfect! 

Outside of my sessions with Dylan, the UZAZU exercises he advised for me have been very easy to practise, especially with the help of the online practice videos! This helped unblock things and promote shifting in my life. 

I highly recommend Dylan’s coaching and practices to others because it works! You are able to make an interesting journey of discovering what works best for you. Anyone living anywhere can learn, practice and grow at their own convenience and benefit.

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- Vicky Chan

People who've worked with me personally are saying

I can now bring my idea into Reality!

Penny Harris

Working with Dylan for the past months, I can now bring my idea into reality. He is helping me transform a big, underdeveloped idea into something concrete and he's supporting me to create ways I can powerfully communicate that!

Penny Harris - Renewable Philanthropy

Extremely soul-nourishing and life-confirming

Judith Minema Client Pic

It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

Judith Minnema - Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

I feel empowered and clear

Rob Scott 2

Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Rob Scott - Life Coach & Marketer

Straight to the Essence...

Peter Merry Speaking 2

Dylan combined his open heart and clear mind together with UZAZU to get us straight to the essence. He empowered me to take ownership of any issues and work on them myself. With great success!

Peter Merry - CIO, Ubiquity University