UZAZU Embodied Intelligence  Coaching with Dylan Newcomb

Work directly with UZAZU founder and master coach Dylan Newcomb, so you can transform deeper limiting patterns, activate your full aliveness, and powerfully embody what feels most purposeful for you, at this moment in your life.

Is it time for you to shift into a new way of being?

Moving clearly & powerfully into your next key stage of growth—in way that's both wholly resonant for you at a soul level AND helps you thrive in the world relationally, professionally & financially—can be a mysterious and often frustratingly slow process.

After all, we typically can't 'solve' a problem from the same level at which it was created, right?

That's why working with someone who can really 'meet you there', and help you more fully embody the deeper processes that are most truly wanting to happen—both within and through you—can make a such a big difference in the speed, ease, and depth with which these key transitions can take place for you.

Are there deep, limiting patterns you want to shift?

Many of the people I work with in my private practice have already done a significant amount of 'personal growth work'. They often (but not necessarily) have a fairly "clear story" about why they are where they are right now. And they've worked through a lot of stuff already too...

And yet, there are certain significant things that have still not shifted in the way, or to the extent, that they intuitively feel/know is possible. 

It feels for them like the time is ripe to evolve into the next level of love & power in service of a deeper purpose. 

And this is where doing integrally embodied growth & healing work 1-1 with an expert facilitator can be so key: to empower you to finally catalyze those deeper, more wholly integrated phases of healing, integration, and growth.

No matter how mentally clear you are about your Self-story, and needs and desires... In terms of real, lasting change, it ultimately comes down to one thing: your conditioning. And the rubber-meets-the-road question here is: How is your bodymind currently responding (and reacting), in each moment, to the various people, situations and activities in your life?

Embodiment Opens The Door To Your Unconscious

Because until your bodymind-level reactivity becomes positively re-conditioned, what you mostly are left with is either just 'a better story' about what is, what has been, and what's possible, and/or a LOT of ongoing work to try to feel and behave better than you naturally do. Both these things are helpful, to a degree, but they are tiring to keep up and limited in their effectiveness.

That's why working with someone who can help you really zero in, locate, and transform your conditioning down to the unconscious bodymind level, and then help you integrate those pattern shifts into your daily life, will make all the difference in the speed and ease in which your underlying patterning and instinctive responses to each moment can significantly evolve.

Click below to read more about some of the main themes that I often work with my private clients on:

Identifying what things it truly makes the most sense to focus on first, in your next wave of healing & growth.

Often, people come to me with a specific idea of what they want to change, and/or where they want to BE in their life... Two or three sessions later, as we explore in an embody way, the ecology of their deeper mind-body patterns, those initial goals have often evolved into a shared alignment around a set of underlying "repattering opportunities" that, once transformed, will build a more authentic and sustainable foundation from which the next 'unfoldings' can emerge.

Clearing up energetic & identity-level enmeshments (typically unconscious) with your parents, ancestors, and your children.

Without a clear differentiation of energy & information fields between you and the various Others in your constellations, it's REALLY hard to get to a soul-aligned, fully embodied clarity about how YOU feel, what YOU value, what YOU want, and what YOUR purpose is wanting to look & feel like right now. With new clients, I almost always 'handle' this first. 

Having worked with well over 300 clients on this, in my experience about 40% of adult men and over 60% of adult women still have an unconscious identity

In UZAZU, we have some really effective, 'fast-acting' protocols that empower you to reorganize these crucial boundaries—all the way down to the unconscious, body level very quickly. For many, this subtle-yet-profound shift creates a sense of immediately feeling lighter and clearer. And it makes the rest of the process

Learning to hold your inner-experiences—your feelings, thoughts, and self-judgements—in a more spacious, fully embodied, way.

Experiences come and go. Pain and Pleasure will keep taking turns showing up strongly in your experience, in so many different ways—naturally arising, due to your prior conditioning. One of the EASIEST things to do as a human, is to stay locked in the suffering-dense dance of craving more pleasurable experiences and trying to avoid the painful ones. The more you can hold all your inner-experience in a loving, appreciatively embodied embrace, then everything is already experienced 'in Goodness'. Like this, you naturally find yourself, less stressed, less anxiety-filled, and naturally more playful and curious where 'the life-journey' wants to take you next. There's so much less struggle and so much more joy. A transpersonal, deeply embodied approach is key.

Stepping more into your own inner-knowing, self-confidence, and claiming your right to be your most fully empowered self.

Knowledge IS indeed intimately related to Power... And fully trusting your own Knowing, and then amplifying your capacity to channel is into the world as Goodness—that's a form of Power worth having & using! For virtually all my clients (and especially the women) transforming this blocking of personal power is finally possible when it's not just another head-game, but is embraced as a whole body-mind-spirit re-patterning process.

Healing and cultivating your capacity to feel safe, relaxed and deeply nurtured while connecting with others—particularly in your close relationships, but also professionally.

Our capacity to connect in a way that's aligned, deeply resonant, reciprocal, nourishing and appropriately boundary-ed is so essential our happiness, growth and well-being. This often requires some deep-level transformation of your attachment-patterning, which was formed in early childhood. And then we often work on the capacity to find and maintain connection in a range of contexts, and within a range of inner/emotional experiences. (Can you stay in connection, even during an experience of Sadness or Anger, for example?) It's so helpful for us to practice this together. And I then support you in practicing this with Others. This can actually shift for you more quickly than you might expect, once your body-mind starts to really 'get' how to do it.

Aligning & synergizing your stages of professional/business growth with your stages of personal growth.

More often than we want to admit or accept, the blocks & stagnation in our professional life are deeply intertwined with our personal blocks & stagnation. Yet another business training or marketing course can "sound" so promising, but then NOT end up working for us—because what’s holding us back is something deeper altogether.

And yet, just "doing our personal growth work" will often not just directly translate over into business breakthroughs! So what to do? It's time we stop holding our personal and our professional development so separately! We need to peel behind the curtain of separateness and see the deeper patterns that connect.

We need to rediscover our marketing as empathy and relationship building in only a slightly different form. We need to see our stages of business growth as mirroring our own personal stages of development. We need to allow and support the truth of who we are to translate over into and transform our professional engagements.

Engaging in a coaching process that embraces your inner and your outer development as one dynamic whole can prove hugely catalytic, as you evolve into the next stage of your own life journey.

Are you looking to transform at a deep level?

Here's the 3 simple steps to get started working 1-1 with Dylan Newcomb and do just that.


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Sign-up and Take the Free

The unique, researched-based Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment takes just 10-15 minutes to complete and will give us a shared, clear reference point as to which embodied states will most serve YOU to re-pattern and further cultivate now.


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Schedule a Free, 55-Minute
Discovery Session

If, after taking the Self-Assessment, and watching the follow-up video, you're feeling this approach might be for you, then schedule a Discovery Session with me where I can help you get clear where you want to go, what's holding you back, and if it might be a good fit for us to work together.


UZAZU Is A METHOD That Gives You An Embodied Practice For Your Ongoing Developmental Journey

Secure Your Spot in Dylan's
Coaching Program

After your Discovery Session—provided we both feel like it's a great fit, and I currently have space (there's sometimes a waiting list), then we'll clarify your payment choice and schedule your first sessions. 

A note on "pre-requisites" for working with Dylan

Dylan Currently only works privately with people who have already learned at least the basics of UZAZU, and have taken the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Short Self-Assessment. See below if you qualify.

Over the years, I've found that the clients I work with who also have learned, at minimum, the basic level of UZAZU, and are interested in further using it as a tool for their own ongoing growth—these people tend to get the most out of working with me. So as of 2020, I've decided to only take on clients who have already know at least the basics of UZAZU.

(Note: If you have not yet learned any UZAZU, but/and know you’d like to do coaching with me, then when you order the coaching package, you can also just add on the purchase of a 2-day online training (8 hours) that will teach you all the basics you need before starting our sessions.)

In this way, I can work directly with you to support your growth, and to personally guide you in applying the UZAZU modes and practices to YOUR specific life challenges. AND, because we're not just working on transforming your current challenges, but also on deepening your skill in using UZAZU personally, we're ensuring you're simultaneously learning a powerful set of embodiment skills that will empower you for the rest of your life.

How Dylan's Private Coaching Sessions Work

Private Coaching with Dylan helps you Clarify Your Direction & Embody your Life's Journey into the Next Stage of your Development in a way completely fitting to YOU.

An Online Embodiment Coaching Session With Dylan Newcomb
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Private Coaching Sessions, with Dylan done either weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom video, can support you in evolving more quickly and gracefully into the next stage of your natural evolution.

Private coaching, using a dynamic combination of UZAZU, Energy Psychology and 'more conventional' coaching approaches, has been one of the main focuses of Dylan's work over the past 17 years. 

Particularly if you are feeling stubbornly held back by unresolved past events (at any level) and/or uncertain about where to direct your focus and 'purposeful work' at this juncture, then adding this private coaching layer can make a huge difference.

Doing these coaching sessions together with the Online Course multiplies the effectiveness of either one on it's own and supports you to resolve the tensions that may be currently holding you back, but also EMPOWERS you with a simple-yet-comprehensive set of embodiment skills and practices that will benefit you in countless ways throughout your life.

UZAZU Is A METHOD That Gives You An Embodied Practice For Your Ongoing Developmental Journey

Be supported on your own Individual Journey of Transformation & Growth

In his private practice, Dylan works primarily with adults who've already done a fair amount of 'personal growth & healing work', but who find themselves at the limits of what their past approaches have been able to offer, and are attracted to working in a way that's both deeply embodied and relational.

Here's what you get from the Sessions:

  • Twelve 75-minute Embody Your Purpose Coaching Sessions with Dylan Newcomb via Zoom Video. These session are typically weekly (recommended), but can also be bi-weekly.
  • Optional Recordings of each session directly to your laptop or desktop computer so you can review it again later.
  • A customized, interactive online Coaching Journey Board to support your process & keep you effectively focused.
  • Embodied "homework" practices after each session, posted on your Journey Board, to keep you moving forward.
  • Pre & Post Session Reflection Forms, that are read by Dylan and later discussed together, to optimize your learning & integration feedback loops.
  • Chat support from Dylan via your Coaching Board, in between sessions, to help you through any questions or 'process snags' you may have.

People who've worked with Dylan personally are saying

I can now bring my idea into Reality!

Penny Harris

Working with Dylan for the past months, I can now bring my idea into reality. He is helping me transform a big, underdeveloped idea into something concrete and he's supporting me to create ways I can powerfully communicate that!

Penny Harris - Renewable Philanthropy

Extremely soul-nourishing and life-confirming

Judith Minema Client Pic

It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

Judith Minnema - Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

I feel empowered and clear

Rob Scott 2

Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Rob Scott - Life Coach & Marketer

Straight to the Essence...

Peter Merry Speaking 2

Dylan combined his open heart and clear mind together with UZAZU to get us straight to the essence. He empowered me to take ownership of any issues and work on them myself. With great success!

Peter Merry - CIO, Ubiquity University

Choose the Payment Plan that's Right for You

4 Monthly Payments of:

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One Single Payment:

Or you can choose to pay all at once, and save $247.


Knowhow Guarantee

Many people don't offer money-back guarantees with their live coaching services, but I feel strongly about it. If, after our first session together, you don't  feel a palpable sense of real transformational possibility, and/or simply don't feel a strong & supportive enough connection, then I encourage you to just let me know, and I'll refund your investment. No problem whatsoever!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Private  Sessions:

If I get the Private Coaching Package now, do I have to use it immediately, or can I wait a bit?

What’s the recommended frequency of the Private Sessions, and can I adapt them to my schedule?

How are these Private Coaching Sessions structured?

I look forward to Personally supporting You on youR Journey...

Are you feeling called to evolve right now? Called to 'step it up' in bigger, more ease-fully empowered way? Each person's developmental journey is it's own unique and beautiful process. I would be honored to be able to help YOU move into the next stage of your ongoing evolution.

Yours in embodied ease and flow, Dylan Newcomb
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What people are saying...

Shirly Weiss Head 2
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Dylan is a master facilitator whose compassionate, gentle approach, creates an immediate safe space where profound transformations can take place. I truly walked away with priceless new understandings of where I could step into being more.

Shirley Weiss  —  MA, HHC, WeissHolistic

Robin Reinach 300x300
Open Quote 2 150x150

...Things Happen when I work with Dylan

Things happen when I work with Dylan. Engaging body, mind and spirit simultaneously, his integrated approach is fast, deep, and profound! Our work together has helped me experience joy and amplified my own potential to step forward powerfully in life.

Robin Reinach  —  Writer, Producer, Investor

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Open Quote 2 150x150

I was left with a strong sense of underlying completeness

To put it as simply as I can, UZAZU movements and practices give me a clear experience of being in the world with all of me. After completing the all the practices in the training, I was left with a strong sense of underlying completeness. Not that everything was easy, mind you, or “magically fixed” or anything—the experience was something more simple and profound. Deep inside, I felt like I had reached all over the place and had gently uncovered every stone, so to speak, seeing what was good, seeing what needed care, and knowing that I had a non-cognitive, embodied approach to work with.

Alex Iglecia  —  EPIC Facilitator and Author

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...one of the two best embodiment teachers of his generation

"Dylan is one of the two best embodiment teachers of his generation. (I am the other one, so I should know 😉 Seriously—the man’s a master at what he does.”

MARK WALSH —  Embodiment Trainer, UK

Luna Marendi UZAZU Feb 2014 Square
Open Quote 2 150x150

I am able to process emotional waves much more deeply and swiftly

I have become more focused, discerning, and purposeful. I am making more money and cultivating better relationships. I am able to process emotional waves much more deeply and swiftly and find I have a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the underlying dynamics of life. The language of UZAZU has given me an embodied way to be with the details and processes of all aspects of my life.

Luna Marendi  —  Personal Coach & Trainer and Embodied Facilitator

A Story of One Client's Experience...

There's something magical that happens when the intelligence of your bodymind can actually help guide you back to an empowering state of connectedness. All of a sudden, dynamics in your life, which seemed so complicated and fraught find a much simpler & smoother way of working themselves out.

This client of mine (who's name we've altered here) shared beautifully about how our coaching sessions, together with the UZAZU homework practices I gave her & her husband, may well have saved their marriage! 

Dalia Vamvouras 300x300

Dalia Vamvouras

I first heard about Dylan and his UZAZU method from a girlfriend who had been working with him. When she described her experience, I knew immediately that this would be the right kind of "therapy" to address some of the challenges my "anti-therapy fiancé" and I were going through at the time. 

We didn't end up meeting with Dylan until three months after we were married, at which point we desperately needed some help! We were very much in love, but for some reason (that neither of us could really understand), I was constantly crying, and my husband was constantly angry. We were fighting every day, and things had gotten quite bad. 

We tried going to a therapist together, but after two sessions, things were getting worse instead of better. My husband really did not want to talk about things--but I really needed to address them. In a burst of inspiration and desperation, I contacted Dylan.

We met with Dylan for 90 minutes. We talked a little and did some exercises with our bodies, our voices, our breath, and our imaginations. During that session, as my husband and I faced each other and did the very first exercise Dylan taught us, I burst into tears--but happy tears. My husband wasn't talking to me, or listening to me talk, but I finally felt like he was HEARING me, and I was getting what I needed.

We took this exercise home to practice. The first few times were hard; my husband's body was still resistant. But we practiced for 15 or 20 minutes every morning, and things almost "magically" got better. It was like having a really bad, itchy rash and not knowing where it came from, but getting the right medicine, and suddenly feeling fine again.

Now that things are "good" again, my husband and I are still learning more UZAZU, and still practicing regularly. Even outside of our practice time, there are certain sensations we can now communicate to each other, thanks to our UZAZU practice, in other contexts. We are learning how to emotionally give each other what the other person needs. It becomes safe for you to do this in the context of UZAZU, where the other person is also giving you what you need.

Dylan is such an effective coach. He is incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and perceptive--of mind, body, emotion, and "energy." He is clear, careful, and direct--gentle at the right times, and also knows when to push and challenge. While I came to him specifically to work on my relationship with my husband, the work has also inspired growth in my other relationships, including my "relationship" with myself.

I have only had a handful of sessions with Dylan at this point, but I feel like I have developed more as a person in the last two months than in the past five years on my own. 
UZAZU, with Dylan as a guide, has really helped me open up certain closed aspects of myself, and I am enjoying all of these "side effects"--I'm becoming less timid, more clear about setting boundaries at work and with my family, and I'm taking care of myself in ways that I wasn't prioritizing before. And consequently, I feel better!