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Embody Balance & Flow in Your Life

with UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

Learn a simple yet effective method to activate the nine key embodied states that empower you to engage with ease and vitality—in your daily life and in your relationships.

A 6-hour Online Training with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb

& co-trainer Deb Grant, LCSW & RSMT

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After three years of upheaval due to the pandemic, many of us have begun to move forward again, individually and collectively, with the desire create more of the life we most desire.

It's one thing to dream and think about it; and it's something entirely different to actually stay focused & well-balanced enough to manifest the changes we envision.

Before we know it, another year has gone by, and we haven’t made much the progress we were hoping for. Our self-esteem may even erode, making it even harder to keep accessing the energy and inspiration it takes to keep moving forward toward our aspirations.

Here’s the thing… 

No matter how aligned, motivating, or inspiring your hopes and dreams may be, you can only remain as focused, engaged, and effective in reaching them as your EMBODIED STATE allows you to be. 

What would it be like to STOP getting down on yourself for not “realizing your dreams” and START becoming more effective in shifting into the specific EMBODIED STATES that will best carry you forward?

No matter how much prior experience you’ve had with other embodied practices, you’ll come away from this highly engaging six hour online training—along with post-training support & practice materials—with a clear set of embodied, STATE-SHIFTING practices that you can use right away.

With these tools, you will optimize how you show up & engage in each moment and deepen your ongoing personal growth.

In this six hour prerecorded online training, you will:

  • Learn how to move into purposeful action. Whether that means allowing and embodying self-compassion on your personal growth journey, energizing your self-efficacy to “make things happen” in your life, deepening into more authentic personal and professional relationships, and/or increasing your engagement in the world—UZAZU Embodied Intelligence gives you the tools to do just that.
  • Unlock the full power of your UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment by using it to identify both your core embodied strengths—the states you can most easily access—and the main imbalanced states that are blocking your flow and draining your energy, so you can know exactly which embodied states will most serve YOU now to cultivate and integrate into your life.
  • Discover and amplify your embodied intuition about which STATE will most serve you to shift into in which moments to give you the kind of energy and momentum you need—so that whatever you’re doing becomes less of a struggle and more of a natural flow and pleasure.
  • Cultivate your embodied intelligence and bring it much more into specific situations in your daily life by both priming yourself with the specific state that will most serve you and training your system to automatically embody the most balanced and empowering version of the state you need—so you’re not just “practicing embodiment,” you’re naturally living it!

Here’s what you’ll learn in each section of the training:

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Part 1: Consciously Activate the 2 Embodied Polarities that Drive Your STATES

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  • Learn how both your positive and negative states get unconsciously activated (this includes your thoughts, emotions, behavioral impulses)—and how being able to influence this at a root level is a powerful lever with which you can quickly shift your overall quality of experience & effectiveness in life.
  • Learn to modulate the source of stimulus that’s feeding your habitual embodied experience—and how you respond to it in both skillful and unskillful ways—so you can more easefully adapt to each situation in naturally supportive ways.
  • Experience directly which ways of orienting to each moment are more and less comfortable for you: sensing & holding your Inner Experience, stepping into your Self-Agency (or individual power), establishing & maintaining Connection with others, and Collaborating and co-creating value in the world.

Part 2: Cultivate the 4 Essential States that Nurture & Empower Your SELF

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  • Discover how you instinctively relate to your own embodied experiences & actions—so you'll feel more empowered to choose whether to be “inside” the experience and the direct power of them, or more “outside” them, evaluating, guiding, and regulating them. (Hint: we all need to do both, at different moments!)
  • Learn to activate the 2 Core States that help you gracefully & quickly process your inner feelings, emotions, thoughts, and cultivate true self-compassion—without being either overwhelmed by or numbing yourself to your own inner-experiences. 
  • Learn to activate the 2 Core States that let you immediately and authentically amplify your sense of Self-Agency—your experience of personal empowerment and self-esteem, whether that feels available to you today or not. (Note: This direct path to feeling more truly empowered is especially a game-changer for those who weren't supported as a child in honoring their own abilities and dreams.)

Part 3: Cultivate the 4 Essential States that Nurture Your RELATIONSHIPS

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  • Learn to read your UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment—so you can easily identify & bring balance to those states (and areas of your life) that need the most attention.
  • Learn which kinds of states will empower you to more naturally thrive in which types of situations—so whenever you feel “off” or not well-suited to the moment and the task at hand, you know which state will be most empowering for you to cultivate.

Part 4: Practice & Use UZAZU Embodied Intelligence to Thrive in Your DAILY LIFE

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  • Apply these embodied states to the patterns of imbalance you identified in your UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment—so you can begin to bring balance to those areas of your life that need the most attention.
  • Learn how to activate—or prime 'on the fly'— the balanced, embodied states you most need in your day-to-day life—so you’re not as often reacting to situations in habitual ways that cause you stress, anxiety, and disconnection. Rather, you can respond with the full-spectrum of your embodied intelligence.

About UZAZU's Live & Recorded Online Trainings

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In each session, you'll engage—interactively and experientially—with the content at hand. You'll be (safely) guided through experiencing a full spectrum of balanced & imbalanced states. This is a very "embodied" process, so come prepared to do, feel, share, and reflect!

During the training you'll have ample opportunities to practice & apply what you're learning. This keeps you continually engaged with embodying the. material. The overall format is highly interactive, embodied learning—NOT PowerPoint Lectures about embodiment!

Here's what you'll receive with this live online training:

  • 6 hours of interactive training & practice, streamed live via Zoom, in four 1.5 hour blocks.
  • 2-year access to the recordings of all the live online training sessions.
  •  Embodied "homework" follow-up video practices to keep you moving forward & further integrating.
  •  PDF Summaries and "cheat sheets" of all the main content in the online training—so you can reread them after watching the videos.
  • 2-Year access to the UZAZU online community—where you can share your questions, reflections, and successes—to help you keep learning and growing with UZAZU, well beyond this intensive online training.
  • Access to the more in-depth version of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment results map. You can take this self-assessment, which is fully integrated & aligned with the UZAZU model and practices, as often as you like, and compare your changes & growth over time! 

This Training is Available Now!

Recorded on January 10th, 2021

All online Zoom training sessions , including the breakout group practice activities, have been recorded and are available for you in an easy-to-follow online course format, together with the community sharing & support area, for two years. 

Note: We currently do not have a next live, online version of this 1-day training on the calendar. We WILL be offering one sometime between early fall, 2023, and late spring 2024.

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Cost: $197

Frequently Asked Questions

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We look forward to supporting you with this training...

If your questions are not answered above, just click on the chat button or email me at dylan.newcomb@UZAZU.org and I'm happy to respond!

Yours in embodied ease & vitality - Dylan Newcomb (& Deb Grant)

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