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Are you wanting to find clarity, get unstuck, and more fully Embody Your Purpose?

Take this free Embody Your Purpose Mini-Course and GET CLEAR on how you can most effectively and holistically focus on what will move you forward now!

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...This gave me clarity about my blocks!

After taking so many courses, I am STILL holding back from launching myself out there with the knowledge I have. Your mini-course has helped me put a finger on where I have been feeling unsettled and why I am holding back still!

- J. Brown

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...a great overview of how the different pieces fit together

This was great!  I have been on a path of trying to redesign my life to bring my body, mind and spirit more into alignment and find a mission/purpose/career that feels nourishing to myself and helpful to my community.  This was a great overview of how the different pieces fit together to create or disrupt that balance and alignment. Thank you!

- K. Bathras

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...Wow, this was just what I needed!

 I really appreciate the well-articulated levels and connections you identified between the Self and World systems. I also appreciate the clarity with which you’ve described these relationships! Prior to this mini-course I was feeling very muddled about my career path. You’ve certainly helped me understand the elements and where I need to first attend. Thank you!!

- L. Loucks

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...The most significant insight for me...

 ...was about understanding how unconscious triggering of my past trauma is creating disturbances that are actually limiting my effectiveness in day to day tasks!  AND... all of a sudden I can also see how this connects directly to my inner disconnect from my feminine, passion and sexuality.  So much to work with here… Thank you!

- S. B. A.

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...Thanks Dylan for developing this!

 I think many people (including me of course) in this World can benefit from your help with this approach! For me, this helps with exactly what I feel I've been missing, linking and finding the deeper synergy between my SELF and the WORLD. It has always been like 2 separate things for me - Me doing things to develop my SELF, and then doing other things to try and find my way in the WORLD.

- V. Chan

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