The UZAZU Embodiment Practice Group

Deepen your embodied growth and integration through shared practice

Announcing: 8 live online practice sessions, every other Friday, starting November 3rd

led by Dylan and Deb

A Word From Your Friendly, Non-Local UZAZU Trainers:

We are delighted to offer this special 4-month UZAZU community practice group!

Ah, finally...

While Dylan & I both love teaching UZAZU in our various trainings, we often feel the desire to spend much more time practicing, playing and organically deepening into rich embodied states-- together in community.

If you know us, you already know we LOVE to geek out on embodiment frameworks, maps, and theory (Dylan especially!)...

...but OH—What can happen when we come together more often in community to practice, explore and co-experience!? We want more of THAT!

If you do too, please join us.

— Deb & Dylan

The Value of an Integrative, Collective Embodiment Practice

You already know and appreciate the value of having a regular movement or meditation practice... So then add in the benefits of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence—and of doing it together in community—and you have an opportunity to:
  • Practice together, with like-bodyminded peeps, immersed in the shared language of UZAZU—through movement, exploration, and discussion.
  • Balance and enhance your state in each Mode and practice flowing between Modes more fluidly, subtly, and creatively.
  • Get more of those spontaneous, deeply personal, full body-mind 'aha's'—as your body's truth helps spark deeper insights.
  • Re-pattern your conditioning and experience the ripple effects of a more coherent responsiveness throughout the week.
  • Enhance your energy cultivation & self-regulation skills with a precision that's clear, repeatable, and directly applicable in your daily life!
UZAZU online embodiment training on laptop bridge mode3.1

Some of the embodiment practices you'll experience...

In each interactive session, Dylan or Deb will guide you through a different way to explore UZAZU and deepen your embodied skills and states. We'll practice together, share our experiences, and continue engaging between sessions.

Here are some examples of the embodied explorations we have in store for you:

Activating the Richness of the Four Elements:

Bring the archetypal elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air more vividly into your practice. Feel their qualities awaken your bodymind, unlocking fuller, more vibrant bi-directional flows of energy and information.

Balancing Your Core and Periphery

Learn techniques for building stronger connections between your core and your body's periphery. This is a powerful way to cultivate more integrated movement and profound shifts as you transition between modes.

Tapping into the Goodness of Gravity and Levity

Harness the physics of gravity and levity to influence the quality and ease of your mode embodiment and your flow between them. Optimize your relationship to weight & space - floating gracefully or rooting deeply.

Invoking Primal Energies Through Animal Embodiment

Tap into primal currents and potent qualities by embodying the archetypal energies of spirit animals aligned with each mode. Unlock deeper intelligences and vital life force, as you connect with & embody their ancient wisdom.

Re-Patterning Embodied Developmental Movement

Incorporate developmental movements like yield, push, reach and pull to dial in how you embody and move through the Modes. Build new neural pathways as you work with the more subtle repatterning that UZAZU invites.

Dissolving Blocks Through Embodied Tapping

Strategically combine UZAZU Postures/Modes with EFT tapping techniques. First bring or stir up specific tensions and ‘shadow stuff’ with UZAZU, then help clear stuck energies and limiting beliefs with theme-aligned tapping. 

Playfully Rewiring Your Neural Pathways

Use novel pathways of embodiment discovered through spontaneous play to refresh and inspire your practice with the Modes. Rewire neural connections, helping free up entrenched habits and conditioning.

And More...
....while in our warm and interactive community of support.

Join us! 

Here's What You Get When You Join:

Click on each section to read the details.

Eight interactive UZAZU practice sessions

  • 80-min live embodiment sessions every other week, alternately led by Dylan & Deb
  • Video replays available within 24 hrs, with subtitles, to access for 2 years
  • We'll share some unique practices & explorations, not taught anywhere else in UZAZU
  • All practices support your own embodiment and skillful connection with others
  • Minimal conceptual framing, maximum experiential practice and integration

Access to a supportive online practice community

  • Practice together consistently over 4 months with guidance and support
  • Share insights between sessions in our private online community
  • Have the opportunity to set up practice sessions with other group members
  • Develop deeper bonds and embodiment skills together
  • Receive guidance, inspiration, accountability that elevates your commitment

Use of our private app for easy between-session sharing

  • The user-friendly Heartbeat app works seamlessly on all devices
  • A fully private platform to support your ongoing practice journey
  • Easy access to all session replays, for repeated viewing and practice
  • Share experiences, insights, and questions between sessions in the threads

Click here to read all session dates & times details

  • Every other Friday, 9:00am - 10:20am Eastern (3:00pm - 4:20pm Central European)
  • Eight 80-minute Sessions, running from November 3rd through February 9th (Nov. 3 & 17; Dec. 1, 15 & 29; Jan 12 & 26; Feb. 9)
  • The first session on Nov. 3rd will be 2 full hours and include a 'UZAZU Basics Review'
  • Live online via Zoom, with replays available within 24 hours

Package & Pricing Options

The Immersive UZAZU Foundations Starter Package

For those eager to learn the UZAZU basics and establish a strong embodiment practice foundation

  • A 6-hour UZAZU Basic Training to build your foundation
  • 4 months of weekly classes and community access

$ 260

The Established UZAZU User Membership Plan

For UZAZU-trained individuals looking to sustain and enrich their ongoing embodiment practice

  • 3 months of weekly classes and community access
  • Option to renew your participation after 3 months

$ 195

The ‘Jumpstart Your UZAZU Embodiment’ Practice Package

For those new to UZAZU, looking to learn the core elements & practices and begin applying it

  • 6-hour UZAZU Basic Training to build your foundation
  • 1 month of weekly classes and community access

$ 100

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this practice group a good fit for? And what prior UZAZU experience is needed?

This practice group is a great fit for anyone who has already learned (or is about to learn) UZAZU through one of our Foundations Trainings, the Practitioner Certification Training, or another training, workshop, or coaching context where all 3 Bodymind Dimensions and 9 Modes & Postures were taught (for example, over the course of multiple individual or group UZAZU coaching or therapy sessions).

In other words, at least a very basic familiarity with the core UZAZU framework is required to fully participate. We will not be ‘re-teaching’ all the core elements again, but will assume a basic working knowledge of them. The goal is to take your practice to your next level through ongoing practice and community interaction.

All are welcome from intermediate beginners to advanced, as long as you're willing and wanting to engage!

Important Note: if you are new to UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, and want to join this practice group, founder Dylan Newcomb will be offering a 5-hour live online Basic Training that will provide you all you need for jumping in on the practice group. See elsewhere on this website for the details, as soon as they are posted.

I want to join this group but don't know much (about) UZAZU. Is there a way to still join?

If you are new to UZAZU Embodied Intelligence and feel called to join this practice group, we have a recorded online training of a few hours that will teach you all the basics you need for learning and using UZAZU on your own AND for joining practice group. This short online training can be purchased separately. Click here to learn about this introductory UZAZU training.

What is the format and dates & times for the practice sessions?

The group meets every other Friday from 9:00am - 10:20am Eastern (3:00pm - 4:20pm Central European) for eight 80-minute interactive online sessions via Zoom, starting on Friday, November 3rd. However, note that the first session on November 3rd will be extended to 2 full hours and will include a 'UZAZU Basics Review'. Dylan and Deb will alternate facilitating the sessions. We will offer a brief welcoming and introduction to the day’s practice and then dive into the experiential exercises, movement, and energy cultivation. The series runs from November 20th through February 9th. We will finish with a short group sharing and discussion.Video replays are available within our private online community app within 24 hours, if you miss the live session or want to follow-along again later at any point. No handouts will necessarily be provided, as the focus is on experience rather than teaching. You'll be able to use the UZAZU community app (called Heartbeat) between sessions for further sharing, dialogue, and accountability partnering.

What if I can't make it to one or more of the live sessions, or want further engagement?

Video replays of each live session will be available to watch and practice along with, so you can easily stay caught up (Just give us 24 hours to post the practice info!).
You'll have access to all session replays for 2 years after the group ends. Our online community app is also available for discussions and connecting between sessions at your convenience. We'll also encourage group members to arrange occasional meetups for practicing together. Flexibility is built in to accommodate your schedule while ensuring you fully benefit!

What can I expect during the sessions and community interactions?

Expect to be guided through somatic techniques and explorations using the UZAZU framework to enhance mind-body integration and access empowering states. The emphasis is on practice and direct experience rather than theory. More detailed examples of the kinds of practices we’ll be doing are shared in the webpage description above. In between sessions, engage with fellow practitioners in the online community, share insights, get accountability for practicing, and interact however works best for you. Come ready to engage fully - mind, body and spirit!