A 7-Session Training for Certified UZAZU Practitioners

Leading Introductory UZAZU Workshops

Elevate your embodied group facilitation skills, become a confident, effective facilitator of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence for in-person & online groups, and create rich experiences for participants and potential clients

Next Round: Sep. 18, 2024. Early-Bird Discount thru July 10th.

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Do any of these apply to you?

  • I'd like to lead impactful, embodiment-focused introductory workshops for people, including those who don’t necessarily have much prior 'embodiment' experience, in a way that also can help me attract new potential clients—both in-person and online.I want to expand my facilitation skills more into working with groups, but I'm concerned about potential challenges or pitfalls when leading embodiment work.
  • I'd love to design and lead more impactful, embodiment-rich workshops, but I struggle with knowing how to incorporate more embodied exercises & processes into them in a way that will also really serve the main focus or theme of the workshop.
  • I want to be able to (use UZAZU to help me) create and deliver different embodiment-based workshops that focus on specific themes or topics I’m passionate about.
  • As a passionate advocate for the valuable skills and increased wellbeing UZAZU Embodied Intelligence can bring, I'm eager to have ways to share it’s benefits with a wider audience, beyond my individual 1-1 sessions.

Here's what we'll focus on, in these 7 Training Sessions:

These are the main focus-topics of each of the 7 two-hour training sessions in this training. Our learning & practice Pod Groups of 4 will be given very specific homework assignments that directly build on each session. For this training journey, we'll be giving out all the homework and practice exercises, guidelines, and requirements in advance of the first session, so that everyone can have a clear sense of the overall process and utilize their time & energy as effectively as possible.

Session 1: Introductions & Intentions, and the 4 Core Aspects of Leading Embodiment Workshops

Our first session is designed to practically & emotionally orient and ground you for the journey ahead—through personal sharing and reflection and articulating a clear vision together for our aim and intent in leading embodiment workshops. We'll explore the 4 Core Aspects of Leading Effective Embodiment Workshops, while also exploring the crucial differences between 1-1 and group facilitation. In addition, you'll also receive a comprehensive training participant requirement and checklist to help you focus on which aspects of leading groups in embodied work will be most important for you to focus on most, in your own development.

Session 2: Adapting the 5-Step Change Facilitation Sequence as a Group Workshop Flow

In this session, you will learn the 5-Step Change Facilitation Sequence for Group Workshops. This foundational approach, based on our similar process for 1-1 sessions, will help you develop and lead effective, inspiring Embodied Intelligence-based workshops on any topic. You'll have the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm the different steps of the sequence in breakout groups and then share your learnings with the whole group. This will give you a thorough understanding of the 5-Step Facilitation Sequence and help you create your own unique approach to leading workshops, while using a general structure that's pedagogically sound and body-mind integrative.

Session 3: Preparing Yourself to Teach an Effective, 90-Minute UZAZU Introductory Workshop

In this session, you will learn the basic flow for introducing people to UZAZU, which is both mentally clarifying and inspiring, and directly experiential and gratifying. We will help you become skilled and comfortable with this flow, which involves explaining the key elements of UZAZU and their importance, and leading people through an introductory experience of the core dimensions and the four areas of embodiment. You may also have the opportunity to explore the eight modes, depending on the length of the experience. Our goal is to help you effectively facilitate UZAZU workshops and introduce people to (deeper levels of) embodiment.

Session 4: Delving Deeper into the Main Drivers & Best Practices of Leading UZAZU Workshops

In this session, you will learn how to more effectively facilitate groups by using the Verbal Response Modes Framework and attending to your own embodiment of the 8 Core Modes. You will explore strategies for optimizing your use of both physical space and ‘Zoom space’, including how to utilize prompts and structured shares to facilitate conversation and sharing, and how to plan for effective breakout groups. You will also learn how to foster safety and connection with students, including finding your own facilitative "sweet spot" of maximizing group-connection without losing your own self-grounding. The session will include practice leading the first two bodymind dimensions and the four areas of embodiment to half the group, followed by feedback & discussion.

Session 5: Honing Your Workshop Facilitation Skills through Practice & Feedback

In this session, you will have the opportunity to further hone your embodied workshop facilitation skills through practice and feedback. You will learn how to enrich your facilitation by embodying the various four elements and accessing the various vocal qualities of the 8 modes. You will also discuss key considerations and finer points of teaching UZAZU to groups, both in person and online. The session will include structured practice leading the body-mind dimensions and the four areas of embodiment to half the group, followed by feedback and discussion. This practice of leading and receiving structured, helpful feedback will also be carried over into your pod homework.

Session 6: Adapting the Basic UZAZU Workshop Format to Focus on Particular Themes or Topics

In this session, you will learn how to adapt the UZAZU workshop format to focus on specific themes or topics that you are passionate about and focused on. You will receive a simple process for designing and delivering topic-focused workshops and have the opportunity to discuss and brainstorm how you would like to do that. You will also get tips for using visuals, tracking time, and making contingency plans. You will have the chance to reflect on your own teaching concerns or challenges in breakout groups and share your main takeaways from the session with the whole group. By the end of this session, you will have the clarity and understanding to begin designing and leading UZAZU workshops on the topics that matter most to you and your current and potential clients.

Session 7: Reflecting on and Consolidating Your Skills in Leading Great Workshop Experiences

In this final session, you will reflect on your UZAZU workshop facilitation journey so far and focus on integrating your main learnings and insights. You will be guided through a reflective UZAZU Four Elements warmup to prepare for a final training-journey reflection and individual sharing about your facilitation journey and the main challenges you grew through. The session will also review the best practices and key differences for facilitating workshops online versus in person and help you identify the Verbal Response Modes that can most help to further improve your facilitation skills. This final session is designed to leave you feeling ready, confident, and inspired to deliver effective UZAZU workshops and share the benefits of embodiment with more people.

Here's what you get, when you join this training

  • Seven 2-hour Live online training sessions. The dates are: Sep. 18, 25, Oct. 9, 23, Nov. 6, 20, Dec. 4, 2024. Times are Wednesdays, 1-3 pm EST/USA (Some sessions spaced further apart, for assignment completion)
  • Recordings: Access to recordings of each session for review (2 year access)
  • PDF Overviews: All the Key ideas, main frameworks, and clear outlines of UZAZU workshop content-formats
  • In-Session Feedback from Dylan on group facilitation skills, plus structured Pod-based feedback
  • Facilitation Practice: Facilitation of 2 live intro UZAZU Workshops (45-90 minutes) during the course, in-person or online
  • Video Feedback: Detailed feedback from Dylan on one of your own video submissions of leading a UZAZU intro workshop
  • Pod Support: Ongoing support & interaction within a learning Pod (3-4 people per pod), including structured feedback on one recorded workshop
  • Graduate Permissions: Successfully complete training and receive permission to market & deliver introductory UZAZU workshops (45 minutes to half-day)
  • Future Training Prerequisite: Successful completion of this training is required for any future UZAZU Workshop Facilitation or Teacher Trainings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Leading Intro UZAZU Workshops training for, and when can / should I take it?

This Leading Intro UZAZU Workshops training is for certified practitioners of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence who are ready to take their facilitation skills to the next level and share embodiment work with more participants and potential clients. This training is offered about once a year and is suitable for those with both prior group facilitation experience and those with only 1-1 session experience. In order to participate, you must first complete the UZAZU Practitioner Certification program.

Keep in mind that stepping into leading and facilitating others in a more deeply embodied way can be vulnerable and challenging, but it can also lead to potent additional self-discovery and personal growth. If you choose to sign up for this training, be prepared to embrace this challenge and lean into the discomfort of it—with curiosity and self-compassion. 2764

What are the dates & times for this training, and what if I can't make them all?

The dates of our seven 2-hour Live online training sessions are: Sep. 18, 25, Oct. 9, 23, Nov. 6, 20, Dec. 4, 2024. Times are Wednesdays, 1-3 pm EST/USA. The increasing amount of space between the training session is meant to give you time in between to practice and then give 2 actual workshops and then get feedback on them before our final session.
If you can’t make 2-3 of the training session dates live we can work with that, given that you can watch the replays. If you’d need to miss more than 3, then please contact Dylan before joining to discuss it.

Will I be required to facilitate a workshop on my own, as part of this training?

Yes, you will be asked to facilitate two live Intro UZAZU Workshops of 45-90 minutes, with 8+ participants, during the course of this training, either in-person or online, outside of our class setting. One of these workshops will be feed-backed on by your Pod and the other by Dylan.

Upon completion, will I be able to market and deliver introductory-level UZAZU workshops?

Upon full and successful completion of the training, which includes getting a ‘passing’ grade on your group facilitation video submission, you will be given permission to market and deliver introductory-level UZAZU workshops of 45 minutes to a full half-day. (You can submit a second video for a $250 fee, if your first submission is not passing.) You will also be listed in our Practitioner Directory as being certified in giving Intro UZAZU Workshops. 

Is completion of this training a prerequisite for any future, next-level Group Facilitation Trainings?

Yes, successful completion of this training will be a prerequisite for any future, next-level UZAZU Workshop Facilitation or Teacher Trainings. Over the next few years, we will be offering a few advanced-level group facilitation and UZAZU Trainer Trainings, for experienced, qualified facilitators.

Are you interested in joining, but still have questions if it's a fit for you right now? Then book a 15-minute chat with Dylan to discuss what might best serve you.

FYI: The early-bird discount ends on Wed. July 10th and we start the training on Wednesday, September 18th.