What is UZAZU Embodied Intelligence?

Discover how the three key elements of UZAZU work together to help you, and/or your clients, cultivate the kind of Embodied Intelligence that naturally brings more ease, flow, and joy, moment-to-moment.

Whether you use it personally and/or professionally, UZAZU empowers you to:

Cultivate Embodied Intelligence through an integrative combination of

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UZAZU Is A METRIC That Gives You An Embodied Assessment 2
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UZAZU Is A MODEL That Gives You An Integrative Understanding A Your Psycho Social Bodymind 300x300

UZAZU gives you a Model.

With an embodied framework, you can make important connections between your thoughts, feelings & behaviors in a way that's 'real' and concrete.

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UZAZU’s embodied model helps you understand more precisely how your various embodied states are being activated in different areas of your life—your inner experience, your self-agency, your connections, and your collaborations. It then gives you a concrete road map of how to change what's wanting to change.

The underlying model of UZAZU is grounded in years of original research (initially funded by the Dutch government) into how our bodies naturally feel and respond to moving and (re)shaping themselves in space. It then integrates this understanding of ‘the body in space’ with leading models of Developmental Theory, Stimulus-Response Conditioning, Polyvagal Theory, Emotions & Affective States, & Attachment Styles.

Good research and great psychological theories can bring great insight. But without a direct way to embody these theories—and directly work with them—they can, ironically, contribute to becoming even more 'stuck in your head'. 

UZAZU allows you to connect key psychological theories & models directly back to a simple set of embodied postures and movements. It equips you—and potentially your clients—with not just valuable maps, but also with the skillful means to effectively navigate the terrain these maps point to.
UZAZU Is A METRIC That Gives You Actionable Insights Into Your Embodied States Of Being And Doing 300x300

UZAZU gives you a Metric.

With an embodied self-assessment, you can measure & track your thinking, feeling & doing in a way that's highly integrative and actionable.

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Good self-assessments can help you become clear about how you (and your clients) are currently showing up and help you focus on what could be most useful to give your attention to.

But here’s the thing… You know that phase "you don't know what you don't know?" With any self-assessment you take, your results are fundamentally limited by your own self-awareness. So if you want to transcend your own current limitations, you need a way to go deeper.

The UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment starts with written questions about your daily life experiences and behaviors, and then helps you identify clear patterns of the specific kinds of embodied states you tend to activate in your system and in what situations. 

But then it takes that next crucial step: It gives you a very simple, direct way to embody or ‘model’ the patterns you’ve identified, using precisely correlated postures and movements. 

So now you get to concretely experience for yourself: Does your body agree with your mind? How do the things you think and say about yourself match what you feel when you do it? From here, enormous insight can quickly open up. 

When used skillfully in this way, your body can go from giving you vague feelings & impressions to quickly being a reliable source of very specific and actionable insight.

And this sets the stage for the next, all-important phase of the process...

UZAZU Is A METHOD That Gives You An Embodied Practice For Your Ongoing Developmental Journey 300x300

UZAZU gives you a Method.

UZAZU's embodied protocols and practices allow you to cultivate ongoing personal & interpersonal development in a way that empowers you to connect in a more balanced and integrated way to yourself & others.

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UZAZU Practices Engage Mouth Hands And Body In A Relational Context

In many of the most popular mind-body practices—such as yoga, meditation, or chi gong—you are predominantly working on or attending to yourself, relatively by yourself.

While these practices all have their unique benefits, without a practice that explicitly re-patterns how your nervous system functions while relating to others, you may likely be left wondering why you're still having difficulty in various areas of your life. 

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is organized around a fundamental synergy between self-sourced and other-sourced (environmentally attuned) states. In other words, UZAZU protocols and practices support & empower you both individually and relationally at every step of the process.

The more you practice and re-condition your system with each of UZAZU's distinct ways of using your body, mind and awareness to support each core pattern, the more easeful and automatic it becomes for you to activate that response when the situation calls for it. 

Then, when it's time for you to be more assertive, you naturally know how to do that in an embodied way, and can self-activate accordingly. When the moment calls for you to let things go and relax, it's way easier to shift into that state too.

Maybe it's a moment to connect more deeply with someone... Maybe it's time to assert your boundaries and not take on their emotional state... Maybe it's time to get curious and experiment with different approaches... Or maybe it's time to buckle down and push some challenging work through to completion... 

If you really listen, you can hear each moment quietly inviting you to show up in a way that allows you to be most fully in service of what's wanting to happen. This is empowerment—having the capacity to naturally answer the call of each moment, with the skill, ease and joy that comes from coherently activating your full embodied intelligence.

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