A 3-Hour Online Workshop for Helping Professionals:

Rebalance Your Own Embodied State with Clients

Are you wanting to experience more ease, flow, and resilience in your client sessions? Learn a simple method to identify & rebalance the dysregulation or stress arising during your work with clients, and leave your sessions feeling more clear, grateful, and energized.

Holding Space for Others All Day can be Challenging

It can be challenging & draining to continually be managing the energy, emotions, and needs of others! As our clients come to us with increasing levels of stress and anxiety, our own work-stress and energy-drain can quickly increase along with it. Without having an effective way to manage our own embodied states & energy, we risk loosing motivation and getting burned out.

Facilitator-Client Holding Hands - Helping Self-Regulation

Do you relate to any of these?

  • "I can slip into tolerating the Client's experience, rather than wholeheartedly embracing and being present with it."
  • "I find myself getting caught in the Rescuer role, trying to 'fix' my client’s issues, rather than staying curious from a resourced place."
  • "I carry over emotional energy, stress, or 'contagion' from my clients, and often end my sessions and days feeling drained."
  • "I find it difficult to say NO, and maintain healthy limits and boundaries with potential and current clients."
  • "I don’t feel comfortable asking for or charging what my work is worth, and end up saying Yes to 'discounts' that don't serve me."

What you will learn in this Workshop

This workshop will help you to become skilled at discerning how (in which states) you become imbalanced, dysregulated, or under-resourced. Then, you'll learn simple ways to shift your state, using your body posture, attention, and energy, to quickly bring yourself back into balance and continue to facilitate the session, but with more ease and responsive flow.

The 4 Core Types Of Embodied States, and How You can become Imbalanced

Learn about (cognitively AND experientially) the four main types of embodied states—in their balanced and imbalance/dysregulated forms—and become more 'experientially clear' about the ways in which YOU tend to lose your coherent balance, and what you can do to quickly regain it.

How to hold clean energetic boundaries and take on less 'stuff' from Clients

Learn how you can train yourself to better differentiate your own inner-experience from that of your clients, and naturally experience less 'contagion'—without straining to protect or distance yourself.

Simple Techniques for Managing Your Own Attention & Energy in Sessions

Improve how you manage your own attention and nervous system regulation while interacting with your clients—so you can more ease-fully do your best work in each moment, better honor your own boundaries, and serve multiple clients per day without becoming nearly as tired or drained.

How to Confidently & Comfortably Charge what You Feel You're Worth

Discover how to shift into an embodied state in which you feel authentically comfortable & confident sharing what you charge for sessions, while still feeling connected and compassionate.

Rebalance Your Four Main Types of Embodied States

The 20 years of research & development that have gone into the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method have identified 4 main types, or classes, of embodied states, that each of us needs safe & skilled access to, in order to function and thrive in the world. In this workshop for Helping Professionals, you'll learn how to rebalance each of these states.
Icon - Area of Embodiment - Self-Agency
Balancing Your States of Self-Agency... 

Supports you to safely & confidently access your own power, inner-knowing, and self-honoring—without either collapsing back into disempowerment & self-doubt or becoming too over-assertive & insensitive.

Icon - Area of Embodiment - Collaboration
Balancing Your States of Collaboration...

Supports you to enthusiastically & purposefully interact, and co-create the value of the session with your client—without either becoming too overextended, under-boundaried, & drained, or retreating back into distance & disengagement.

Icon - Area of Embodiment - Inner-Experience
Balancing Your States of Inner-Experience...

Supports you to more safely & spaciously experience your own sensations, feelings, and thoughts—without either becoming numb & dissociated from them, or too overwhelmed & dysregulated by their intensity.

Icon - Area of Embodiment - Connection
Balancing Your States of Connection...

Supports you to more easefully attune to, and empathically connect with your clients state in each present moment—without either falling into enmeshment & 'over-blending' or pulling back into disconnection & energetic avoidance.

What people are saying...

Anita Paalvast

"I would highly recommend this work to others because it is a powerful way of getting in touch with all the energies in our body. The movements are simple and therefore very accessible and, at the same time, they have great depth and subtlety. Through the focus on polarities, I can understand myself and others better."

Anita Palvaast, Coach & TRainer

Albert Viljoen

“It felt like UZAZU Embodied Intelligence really offered the map, the framework, the developmental structure, and then tools to really support someone. Now that I have an embodied map, I can take any issue and kind of map it with the UZAZU and get a much more well rounded view of this is what's going on, so I can get to the roots of the issue easier.” 

Albert Viljoen, Executive COAch & UZAZU PRactitioner 





  • Online Access to this REPLAY Video of the training for 2 Years.
  • PDF Handout covering all the main content
dylan newcomb

About Dylan

Dylan Newcomb is the founder, lead researcher, trainer of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method. Recognized as one of the world's leading researchers, coaches, and trainers in the growing field of Embodiment, Dylan has taught, over the past 20 years, thousands of students across four continents how to transform the root causes of their unhealthy stress and step into a more full, joyous engagement with life. 

Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition, and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade, before co-founding the Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2001. There, he conducted cross-cultural research for several years, exploring how vocal sounds, breath, and movement influenced thought, emotion, and behavior—across hundreds of subjects. This research formed the basis for what has evolved, over the past 18 years, into the comprehensive personal growth modality now known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

Dylan currently lives in Freeport Maine, in the woods, with his partner Kyung-sun Baek and their 11-year old daughter Kiana.

About UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

An integrative approach for understanding & working with embodied states.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence gives helping professionals a clear, research-based, integrative model & method for understanding how embodied states work: how to identify state imbalances and how to rapidly shift & re-pattern them, using a set of simple postures & movement patterns.

As a Helping Professional, UZAZU gives you a comprehensive, highly adaptable, embodiment-based methodology for effectively working with clients on almost any issueーin a way that easily integrates with and amplifies the potency of your existing skill sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior UZAZU or embodiment knowledge to do this workshop?

This 3-hour workshop requires no prior knowledge, in UZAZU or otherwise. As an embodiment method, UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is an approach beginners find quite user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to experience positive results quickly. Of course, the more used you are to listening to your bodily sensations, and being conscious of your own body posture and body language, the more readily & deeply you'll be able to apply what is taught.

What if I already have a lot of experience in UZAZU, could this still be useful to me?

This topic is something we typically only get into in this depth during our 9-Month Practitioner Training. Here, however, I'll be sharing the main ways we use UZAZU for ourselves as practitioners when working with others in a simple way that also people with no prior experience will be able to understand and make immediate use of. If you already know UZAZU, it will just make it that much easier to quickly & skillfully apply what is taught.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for this workshop?

There's nothing you need to to to prepare. That said, if you like, you could take our free, online UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment, which helps you identify the imbalanced states you most typically experience, in your daily life. Often, these patterns of how you tend to most often become imbalanved or dysregulated also carry over in some way into your work with clients. And so having this assessment results in advance could help you get even more out of the workshop.

That said, you could also opt to take this self-assessment AFTER the workshop. (Or not at all ;-). Whichever you prefer.

What's the difference between this workshop and the Professionals Foundations Training you offer?

The Professional Foundations of Embodied Intelligence Training is a 7-Week live online Training that trains you to identify and help rebalance a full-spectrum of state-imbalances your clients experience. It's focussed on helping empower you to do skillful embodiment work with clients. Whereas this introductory workshop here is designed to help YOU become more aware of and balance your own core states, at a basic level. If you find you get a lot out of this workshop, then the Foundations Training is a great possible next step for you. Click here to read more about this training.