According to Your Assessment Responses,

Making  CONTACT with Others
appears to be your Strongest Area of Embodiment.

Your Contacts

As an area of embodiment, making CONTACT allows you to discover & get to know the people, places, and things that are a nourishing fit for YOU.

By tuning in to people and really listening, as you make contact, you naturally find & focus on the relationships that are most aligned for you. And the more you nurture real, authentic connections, the more your relationships serve you both at that deeper level.

Trusting your ability to make appropriate and meaningful contact with others, you're more open to the world and to new opportunities.

Embodied Contacting is the process of skillfully sensing in to which connections—and which ways of connecting—are truly most supportive and enriching in any given moment.

When Your Contacts Are More Fully EmbodieD:

  • You feel free to explore and discover who and what you feel most connected to & enlivened by.
  • You naturally seek out and make life-affirming, meaningful connections with new people.
  • You can easily relax into a natural giving and receiving of energy & information with others.
  • Smile
    You can easily tune into what’s going on around you and adapt to the flow of the situation.

But—When Your Contacts Are NOT as Fully EmbodieD:

  • You can have difficulty ‘trusting your gut’ about what people & situations are a good fit for you.
  • Frown
    You may feel closed or overly-cautious, and not be open to opportunities the world affords you.
  • You can lack the openness & curiosity that allows you to directly experience each new moment.
  • You can project your own ‘stuff’ onto others, and then fail to meet them where they’re truly at.

If this area tends to be a more natural place for you to 'hang out', then embodying it even more deeply, in more aspects of your personal & professional life, could be a great way for you to benefit even more from the tendencies and strengths you already have!

And this also implies that...

could be your weakest area of embodiment.

Your Boundaries

As an area of embodiment, your BOUNDARIES are where you actively assert your wants & needs—balancing openness & firmness with others.

When you’re consistently clear in your boundaries, you naturally trust yourself to make decisions & take actions that are aligned and in integrity with your own values, priorities, true feelings and well-being. 

With the ability to hold your boundaries effectively in your interactions, you're conscious of what own authentic truth is and of what energies, emotions and ideas don't belong with you.

Embodied Boundarying is the process of skillfully (and non-reactively) activating your whole bodymind to show up in service of your authentic Self and truth, in each new moment.

When Your Boundaries Are More Fully EmbodieD:

  • You confidently and ease-fully share your authentic truth with the world around you.
  • You know your own values & priorities, and honor them when you interact with others.
  • You claim your right to be the decision-maker in your own life and feel empowered doing so.
  • You meet the world as your authentic self, trusting when to say both YES and NO to others.

But—When Your Boundaries Are NOT as Fully EmbodieD:

  • You spend a lot of time held back by doubt, wondering what you really think or really should do.
  • You tend to ‘play it safe’, instead of taking growth-promoting risks, but you still don’t FEEL safe.
  • Frown
    You can easily lose connection to your own needs and values while interacting with others.
  • You become easily hampered by self-conscious emotions such as shame & embarrassment.

Most of people tend to have a 'way of being' that's less natural & comfortable for them. Very often, your most consistent & profound challenges are linked to this 'weaker' area of embodiment. Embodying this area more fully can hold a big key to reaching more of your full potential.

And so the Question then is...

How can you EMBODY a more easeful & effective balance between areas?

Here's a short video from UZAZU founder and embodiment expert Dylan Newcomb about the embodied integration of Contacting & Boundarying, and how you can use it in your life!

So what next!?

Start by understanding how The Four Areas of Embodiment function together and how, with even just few minutes of embodiment practice each day, you can live a happier life!

Welcome to UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment!

Hello! My name is Dylan Newcomb, and I’ve been researching, developing, and teaching UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment for the past 15 years. UZAZU is a modern form of embodied practice—combining simple postures and (interactive) movements with breath and visualization—that's grounded in principles from embodied cognitive neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology. 

There's nothing else quite like UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment out there. And that’s why those who learn & practice it have been known to rave about much how it's helping them—in so many areas of their life....


Dylan is a master facilitator whose compassionate, gentle approach, creates an immediate safe space where profound transformations can take place. I truly walked away with priceless new understandings of where I could step into being more.

Shirley Weiss  —  MA, HHC, WeissHolistic

I was left with a strong sense of underlying completeness

To put it as simply as I can, UZAZU movements and practices give me a clear experience of being in the world with all of me. After completing the all the practices in the training, I was left with a strong sense of underlying completeness. I felt like I had reached all over the place and had gently uncovered every stone, so to speak, seeing what was good, seeing what needed care, and knowing that I had a non-cognitive, embodied approach to work with.

Alex Iglecia  —  EPIC Facilitator and Author

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