UZAZU Embodied Intelligence: 

Unlocking the Potential of the Animal World — Together!

Over the past several months, we've been working diligently on this groundbreaking project, and we're thrilled to finally reveal it to you.

In collaboration with the preeminent conservation organization, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we've carried out a series of successful pilot embodiment workshops for a select group of very cooperative and enthusiastic Sloths from Costa Rica.
Sloths are Awesomely Embodied
Sloths are Awesomely Embodied
We're excited to unveil UZAZU Embodied Intelligence's new multi-year animal embodiment training:

Unlocking Sloths' Untapped Potential with Embodied Intelligence

*All participating sloths have given their full consent and commitment (non-verbally) to this project.

In today's fast-paced world, Sloths are increasingly struggling to keep up.

Hindered by generations of parasympathetic over-dominance, the Sloth's chronically low-gear nervous-system sadly holds them back from keeping up with today's ever-faster pace of life and progress. These endearing yet maladapted creatures need our assistance to secure their survival, prosperity, and happiness.

Empowering Sloths with Embodied Intelligence offers an effective solution.

By employing the powerful techniques and non-verbal, universal language of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, we can finally impart our wisdom and help them access their more full self-expression and power, unlock untapped potential, and better integrate and thrive in our ever-evolving world.

The Four Pillars of UZAZU's Sloth Empowerment System:

In collaboration with local Costa Rican sloth communities, our dedicated colleagues at the WWF, and our passionate team of Certified UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Practitioners, we're introducing the Four Pillars of UZAZU Sloth Empowerment, aimed at transforming sloths' lives:

Pillar 1: Sloth Speed Training:

It all starts with helping them pick up the pace... Blending UZAZU techniques with sloths' natural abilities, our SlothSpeed Training enhances reaction times and movement efficiency. Get ready to see sloths swiftly slipping through the trees—or springing from your sofa to the chandelier!


Pillar 2: Sloth Sleep Optimization:

We're helping sloths exchange sleep quantity for quality. Our embodied sleep optimization program combines relaxation techniques and embodied visualization practices, enabling sloths to wake up refreshed and eager to show off their newfound speed.


Pillar 3: Sloth Socialization Sessions:

Our trauma-informed Sloth Socialization Sessions help cultivate authentic camaraderie and collaboration, enriching both inter-sloth relations and sloth-human interactions. This sets the stage for a more vibrant, expressive, and genuinely diverse sloth-human culture.


Pillar 4: Sloth (P)E(T)volution:

Transforming sloths into truly dynamic, interactive beings, this project is poised to radically disrupt the conventional two-pet system of dogs & cats. These newly empowered sloths will dazzle humans with their speed, wit, and helpfulness—the perfect home companions!

These four pillars work synergistically to empower sloths, enabling them to thrive in a variety of roles, establish meaningful interspecies connections, and, naturally, captivate us with their charm and agility.

How You Can Participate and Support Sloths' Exciting Evolutionary Journey:

Your support is crucial for our mission to empower sloths with UZAZU Embodied Intelligence. By joining, you can use your unique position in the animal kingdom to help uplift our Sloth brethren!

Your contribution matters ! 

You can participate at various levels, and remember: the more you give, the brighter the future for Sloths worldwide!

Your contribution options:

  • $25 gifts a Sloth an exclusive UZAZU Sloth Yoga Mat for personalized training.
  • $70 ensures a Sloth's annual access to the UZAZU-S(loth) Online Training Platform.
  • For $225, receive a limited-edition, sloth-autographed UZAZU Sloth Empowerment Poster.
  • Contribute $900 or more and join us on a memorable, mixed Sloth-Human Empowerment Retreat in Costa Rica!