Group Session – Presencing Your Authentic Truth More Fully and Skillfully

In Group Coaching Session #6:

2:45 – Start, Overview, Mediation on Gateway Posture
26:18 – Individual Check-ins and Initial Theme-Specific Self-Reflections.
58:30 – Experiencing saying each of the Belief Statements  & doing The Unconscious Movement Belief  Coherence Process for Gateway Posture.
1:32:00 – Post Exercise Reflection & Discussion

(Download the Handout for this session, which is located in the following section.)

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Class: Presencing Authentic Truth

In this Module 6 Live Class:

3:11 – Welcoming, Class Overview, Context Setting for Presencing Authentic Truth.
17:21 – Guided Practice for Gateway Posture.
50:08 – Reflections on the Practice, Q&A/Discussion.
57:47 – Practicing holding space for your own truth, no matter how you perceive the Other.
 – More Discussion, Several Moments of Micro Practices and Application exercises; Final Reflections and Q&A.

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Practice: Gateway Posture

In this Practice Video you will:

  1. Practice Gateway Posture,  as a way of presencing your authentic truth and cultivating an experience of Authentic Presence.
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