The Four 'Places' We Need to Embody

Discover wherewhat it means to be fully embodied in your life.

Is ‘a more embodied approach’ indeed what will help YOU grow and overcome your current challenges or limitations? And if so, which aspects of your self and your life do you most need to work on 'embodying'?

The UZAZU Embodiment Method is organized around what it calls ‘The Four Embodiments’. Simply put, these are the four key areas of your Self-in-the-World that need to be functioning at a relatively high level in order for you to live a truly happy and healthy life. If any one (or more) of these four areas have been neglected, wounded, or in any way compromised during your childhood or adult life, your development will likely not be able to naturally unfold in a healthy, balanced manner. And this means that joyful growth & progress will not come as easily or quickly as you might like.

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UZAZU's simple framework and methodology of The Four Embodiments, has resulted from over 15 years of embodied assessment research and ‘embodiment workshops’ with close to four thousand individuals. It is aligned with key elements of both psychological type theories and leading developmental stage theories. This means it can help you understand and work with your natural preferences, strengths and weaknesses as person, and it can support you to heal and grow in ways that are both developmentally appropriate and authentically empowering. Perhaps most importantly, UZAZU does this in a way that is deeply embodied—which means as you are always 'learning by doing', both with your internal felt-senses and your external movement & behaviors. You naturally close the gap between idea and action, between self-understanding and true self-transformation.

Each of these four core Places of Embodiment requires it's own unique set of embodied skills. They each ask of us a specific form of embodied listening, sense-making, and embodied engagement (or 'enactment'). Years of meticulous research have revealed that there are also very specific body postures (or 'poses'), vowel sounds, colors, and thought forms that best support healing and optimal functioning at each of these four places(!). This brief introduction to the Four Places will give you a basic, initial understanding of WHAT these four place are, and perhaps will even help you notice which place(s) might be wanting more attention and nurturing in your life!

Embody Your Center

How much of your day do you spend feeling deeply centered and grounded?

The 'many distractions' of life have a tendency to pull you off center. 'Stuff' just keeps happening. You instinctively react... Before you know it, your emotions are pulling you this way and that. And your thoughts turn sour as they tangle up with regrets about the past and worries about the future.

Not being centered, means not being able to find the calm within the storm. You find yourself a bit all over the place, not sure where YOU really are or what you really need. And, most importantly, when you're not centered you're not empowered to access real richness and potential of the energies truly alive in you right now.

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Embody Your Boundaries

How often do you feel Open  and Authentic, yet Clear in your own Boundaries?

Life is constantly asking you to make decisions: "Which one should I choose? Should I keep going with this? Should I let go of that? Is this person's behavior OK with me? What do I really want!?"

Every day, you are faced with all manner of decisions. And the less you feel you can trust yourself to make those decisions well, the more slowly and painfully each decision-making process goes.

Without having boundaries that are clear and strong yet adaptable, decisions are confusing and exhausting. Without having boundaries that are robustly embodied —meaning

The majority of us in modern culture was not raised to have clear yet adaptable boundaries. Healthy self-boundarying is often not something our parents ever learned themselves, much less how to pass it on to their children.  Add to this the almost inevitable body-image issues we acquire and the potentially numerous boundary-violations (both physical, emotional and mental) we endure, and our personal boundaries occupy a sore, wounded messy place in our life.

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Boundarying The 2nd Embodiment Skill Area Woman Sets A Clear Boundary With A Firm But Gentle Strength
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Embody Your Contact

How Easy is it for you to seek for and find Meaningful New Connections in your life? 

Not being truly comfortable making contact, you instinctively avoid or ignore the many opportunities you have to make meaningful new connections. Virtually every moment is chock full of opportunities,  to connect with people and things in new ways and new places—but we so often fail to notice them, appreciate them or even make ourselves available to them. Over time, it's easy to become numb, jaded, over-cautious, or just plain limited by fixed ideas & projections of what's possible and what's not.

Not being available to making fresh Contact, your world shrinks and dulls.
Our five senses can get shy and fearful overtime, scared of what they might encounter and lead us into (again). And so we can easily close off and back away. Whether it's certain foods you stop eating, kinds of places you stop going to, types of people you now try to avoid, or types of music you no longer listen to. We say things like: "I'm old enough to know what I like and don't like" Or "I already know what to expect..." We loose that precious curiosity and openness of a (un-traumatized) child. And more and more, our opportunities for rich, inspiring discovery seem to dwindle.

But what if we could 'clean the slate' and once more encounter the world with fresh eyes, ears, touch, and taste?

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Connecting The 3rd Embodiment Skill Area A Caregiver Connects With A Senior
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Embody Your Exchanges

How Mutually Beneficial & Transformational are your Relationships right now?

We all long for and need deeper connection. We simply aren’t happy or whole without it. And yet, despite all the ways modern technology has made it ‘easier’ for us to connect and work and play together, our experience of deeper connection, involvement, and belonging is apparently more challenged than ever. Depression and loneliness, divorce rates and fractured relationships of all kinds abound.

When you have not sufficiently embodied the skill of healthy Exchanging you find that those deeper, hugely nourishing relationships just don’t tend to happen that often or that easily. Or they tend to end quickly, either by drying up or blowing up (pick your flavor).

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Bonding The 4th Core Embodiment Skill A Mother And Child Experience Connection
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Experience the Four Core Skills!

So how are YOU doing right now in each of these 'Four Places of Embodiment'? Are you noticing that certain areas seem to be not going as well as others, or you feel somehow 'less skillful' or at ease in certain places?

The Four Core Skills of Embodiment Webinar introduces you to the HOW of each of these four core embodiments. You'll come away with a clear sense of what you can work on to more deeply and fully embody that aspect of your self and your life—and how you can step more fully into your own power in the process!