UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

Reflecting right after doing the UMI on Bridge:

The first time through I noted real reluctance to make the transition to forward from Gateway but in time my body sidled into it and I heard the thought, Oh I can be safe here. The second go flowed more easily to a sense of connection.

The final Bridge today didn’t feel particularly strong or a grounded, though. I understand that my particular circumstances, environment and history will shape any mode’s balance.  I wonder if UMI isn’t simply another moment in time where my capacity to embody a modes depends on the day.

The UMI practice feels more transformative to me in the self/back modes. Bridge to a video in my room on my own . .  perhaps a bit oxymoronic for profound connection.

I feel a familiar to me concern arise: I don’t want to just go though the motions of the exercise but also don’t want to to require some deep emotional payoff from myself. I wonder how much of this work really can be done alone?