Here’s a reflection after practicing Unconscious Movement Integration of Cradle. I found the self-oriented themes/beliefs easy to integrate. When it moved into the other-focused beliefs, I noticed a bit more hesitation. The Bridge and Field beliefs felt like a “yes,” but then as I moved into the beliefs related to Channel and Mesh, it got a bit stickier.

It’s pretty interesting that the opposite mode of Cradle is Channel, and when I set up for the practice, I really did go readily into excessive Mesh: “I must do things to please others first, and then I can take care of myself.” That is the crux of the matter. Note to self: My own compassionate self-regard does not depend on my pleasing, taking care of, providing for, engaging with, contributing to something or someone outside myself. I can prioritize caring for myself, regardless of what I’m doing for others.

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