UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

Vibrant states: sadness & grief, excitement, joy, engagement, care, love. More challenging with anger, least easy to recognize. But if I do I can ‘vibe it up’ to some degree. Fear…vibrant if I have a good cradle to help contain. Less vibrant if triggered, afraid of the fear, or trying to get out of it. Resilient Body-Mind modes: I can maintain fairly well each of the 9 modes, IF I have clarity about the mode that is to be/is best maintained. Neutral being my favorite, in the sense of it being most interesting to me. Though not necessarily easy to sustain, I love practicing the resiliency of getting there, re-arriving at neutral. Boundaries when angry would again be a challenge area. Coherent Relational Dynamics: I tend to do well with coherency of relational dynamics. Certainly coherency reduces if I am somehow ‘triggered’ by someone, or by a situation. Then I feel myself flat or feel myself to be inauthentic. I’m grateful for the practice of being a therapist as I feel this trains me up for greater likelihood of coherency. Purposeful life engagement: I experience/cultivate synergy best or most easily when I have access a state of PLAY & CURIOSITY (especially if transpersonal), and fluidity/flexibility with the other three areas.