UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

The feeling states I naturally express most VIBRANTLY~ are I think appreciation, love (in some relationships), joy, anger I think can be quite vibrant… frustration… disgust…indignation… kindness. Feeling states I tend to resist or repress: sadness; I’m getting better at expressing friendship… some situations I suppress anger where it might be healthier to feel it and act (stronger boundaries). Body-mind resilience: increasingly more resilient at sustaining a peaceful calm state of body-mind; challenged, though improving at sustaining boundaries-> not sure how that would classify as a feeling state… I want to continue to practice creating and then improving my resilience at sustaining joy, positivity and energy… I notice I can tend to “nurture” perturbedness or pissed-off-ed-ness and I aim to quit that 🙂 by being a witness to it, and stepping back… next step, cultivate something in its place such as compassion, acceptance… Feeling now an opening of awareness…tasting what this all means and the powerful potential available in this journey… Coherent relational dynamics: I am feeling more ease and coherence in most all of my relationships, including those that are changing (which is all, always, I suppose). I attribute that increasing ease and coherence to embodied intelligence. To my ability to be present in the moment rather than having an agenda, or being distracted by inner states. I know as well that there is still a lot to work on… in the various contexts of my life, and… less-than-desirable “stuff” definitely comes up. Strengthening habit of taking a step back when stuff comes up, and when I notice/feel the “static”, get curious about it. Go inside a little and feel, not react as strongly… study it a bit… Purposeful life engagement~ I feel most synergy in my home with the 4 other people I live amongst; in my ecstatic dance tribe; most situations really. Though I don’t have a super clear vision of my LIFE PURPOSE… it feels like it forms, I think it’s alive and evolving.