UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

UMI in Gateway:
The second time through I witnessed all sorts of interior resistance to shifting away from lovely distraction of extreme Bridge and back to what I expected to be the old shame of Gateway. But as my feet repositioned for a steadier Bridge I observed the movement continue, from the ground up, as over the course of nearly 10 minutes I was moved into Gateway. I had the insight, Oh, my body knows I have been living in Gateway , its just that my ego doesn’t know it yet.
That insight got a resonate yes at the Cradle positive statement, “I hold a positive attitude toward my self and my accomplishments.” That sense of yes continued UNTIL the Gateway positive statement, “I feel a genuine appreciation for and pride in my accomplishments.” At that point I felt a balk and denial and then the rest of the statements began to seem like hollow affirmations. What I did was stop the process, return to Gateway with the acceptance I could muster and write this reflection.

At this moment I feel back in a tolerable range of feeling but a little shaken by the strength of that abreaction. My darling system, probably like all of ours can be absolutely literal.

What are other “recovery” steps I might have taken?
Did it make a difference that I/we didn’t include the set up statements and tapping which offers a reassurance to the inner system that acceptance and love are there in spite of lack of integration?