Private & Group Coaching
with Dylan Newcomb

Embody your Life's Journey into the Next Stage 

Work directly with embodiment expert Dylan Newcomb, so you can transform deeper limiting patterns, get out of your own way, and powerfully embody your deepest purposefulness at this moment in your life.

Is it time for you to move into a new way of being & doing?

Maybe you already HAVE a good sense of what kind of quality of life, career journey, and way of being you are yearning to step into next...

But then HOW can you fully embody that change? What will it take to EVOLVE how you naturally sense & respond to things—so you naturally create and sustain that kind of life?

Often times, this proves to be a slower, more frustrating & elusive process than we'd like!

Or maybe it's abundantly clear that where you are at right now is really not working for you... 

But then how to clarify WHERE your life's journey is truly wanting to take you right now and to then trust in & act upon that inner knowing? 

Supporting your life's journey to clearly & powerfully move into your next key growth stage—in way that's truly organic & resonant for you at a soul level—is a mysterious, long, and sometimes frustrating experience. 

After all, we typically can't 'solve' a problem from the same level at which it was created, right? 😉 That's why working with someone who can really 'meet you there', and help you more fully embody the deeper processes that are most truly wanting to happen, can make a such a big difference in the speed, ease, and depth with which these key transitions can take place for you.

Are there certain deep, limiting patterns you want to shift?

Many of the people I work with in my private practice have already done a significant amount of 'personal growth work'. They have a largely coherent 'story' about why they are where they are right now. And they've worked through a lot of stuff already too... And yet: there are still certain things that still have not shifted (!) in the way, or to the extent, that they intuitively feel/know is possible. And it feels for them like the time is ripe to evolve into the next level of love & power in service of a deeper purpose. 

And this is where doing  integrally embodied growth & healing work 1-1 with an expert facilitator can be so key: in catalyzing those deeper, more wholly integrated phases of growth.

No matter how 'mentally clear you are' about your Self—your 'story', your needs & desires, your sense of purpose, your limiting patterns, etc—in terms of real, lasting change, it ultimately comes down to one thing: your conditioning. And the rubber-meets-the-road question here is: How does your bodymind naturally respond, in the moment, to specific stimuli, in specific contexts?? 

Because until THAT shifts, what you mostly are left with is either just 'a better story' about what is, what has been, and what's possible, and/or a LOT of ongoing work to try to feel and behave better than you naturally do. Both these things are helpful, to a degree, but they are tiring to keep up and limited in their effectiveness.

That's why working with someone who can help you really zero in, locate, and transform your conditioning down to the unconscious bodymind level, and then help you integrate those pattern shifts into your daily life, will make all the difference in the speed and ease in which your underlying patterning and instinctive responses to each moment can significantly evolve.

Here's some of the main things I work with my clients on:

Not ALL these themes may, on the surface, seem equally relevant or 'key' for you to work on... But I have found, over the past 15 years of doing this with people, that once we get below the level of the Conscious Mind, there's almost always some form of change that's wanting/needing to happen in each of these areas.
  • Identifying what things it truly makes the most sense to focus on first, in your next wave of healing & growth. Often, people come to me with a 'clear sense' of what they want to change, and/or where they want to BE in their life... Surprisingly, often 2-3 sessions later, those 'goals' have evolved into a more pragmatic & grounded set of priorities to focus on first that will build a more authentic and sustainable foundation from which the next 'unfoldings' can emerge. Sequence is everything!
  • Clearing up energetic & self-identity enmeshments (typically unconscious) with your parents, other early childhood caregivers, children, significant others, AND your ancestors. Without a clear differentiation of energy & information fields between you and the various Others in your constellations, it's REALLY hard to get to soul-aligned, fully embodied clarity about how YOU feel, what YOU value, what YOU want, what YOUR purpose is wanting to look & feel like right now. With new clients, I almost always 'handle' this first. And with UZAZU, we have some really effective, 'fast-acting' protocols that empower you to reorganize these crucial boundaries—all the way down to the unconscious, body level. For many, this subtle-yet-profound shift is a game changer.
  • Learning to hold your Inner-Experiences in a more fully embodied, loving and relaxed-yet-energizing way that's transpersonally grounded. Experiences come and go. Pain and Pleasure will keep taking turns showing up strongly in your experience, in so many different ways—naturally arising, due to your prior conditioning. One of the EASIEST things to do as a human, is to stay locked in the suffering-dense dance of craving more pleasurable experiences and trying to avoid the painful ones. The more you can hold all your inner-experience in a loving, appreciatively embodied embrace, then everything is already experienced 'in Goodness'. Like this, you naturally find yourself, less stressed, less anxiety-filled, and naturally more playful and curious where 'the life-journey' wants to take you next. There's so much less struggle and so much more joy. A transpersonal, deeply embodied approach is key.
  • Stepping into your own Inner-Knowing, and fully embracing your own innate Power to Do Good. Knowledge IS indeed intimately related to Power... And fully trusting your own Knowing, and then amplifying your capacity to channel that knowing into the world as source of true Goodness—well that's a form of Power worth having! For virtually all my clients (and especially the women, many of whom have been, let's say, 'extra under-supported' in OWNING their own knowing and capacity to act powerfully) transforming this challenge is finally possible when it's not just another head-game, but is embraced as a whole body-mind-spirit re-organization of energy flows.
  • Regaining trust in your capacity to find and stay in CONNECTION and to co-create real GOODNESS— for Others and for your Self. Our capacity to connect in a way that's aligned, deeply resonant, reciprocal, nourishing and appropriately boundary-ed is so essential our happiness, growth and well-being. This often requires some deep-level transformation of your attachment-patterning, which was formed in early childhood. And then we often work on the capacity to find and maintain connection in a range of contexts, and within a range of inner/emotional experiences. (Can you stay in connection, even during an experience of Sadness or Anger, for example?) It's so helpful for us to practice this together. And I then support you in practicing this with Others. This can actually shift for you more quickly than you might expect, once your body-mind starts to really 'get' how to do it.
  • Aligning & synergizing your stages of professional & business growth with your stages of personal growth. I've seen this again and again (also in my own life, of course): 'developmental handicaps' or gaps in your personal growth will inevitably 'handicap' your work in the world. More often than we usually want to admit or accept, the blocks and stagnation in our professional life are a direct reflection of our inner process—not just mentally, but throughout the whole spectrum of our being. It's time we stop holding these 'life areas' so separately!  Engaging in a coaching process that embraces your inner and your outer development as one dynamic whole could well prove hugely catalytic to you evolving through the rich, mysterious next stage of your authentic life's journey.

Are you very interested in potentially working together, but not quite sure if it's a fit for you now? Then let's talk!

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Penny Harris

I can now bring my idea into Reality!

Penny Harris - Renewable Philanthropy

Working with Dylan for the past months, I can now bring my idea into reality. He is helping me transform a big, underdeveloped idea into something concrete and he's supporting me to create ways I can powerfully communicate that!

Judith Minema Client Pic

Extremely soul-nourishing and life-confirming

Judith Minnema - Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

Rob Scott 2

I feel empowered and clear

Rob Scott - Life Coach & Marketer

Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Peter Merry Speaking 2

Straight to the Essence...

Peter Merry - CIO, Ubiquity University

Dylan combined his open heart and clear mind together with UZAZU to get us straight to the essence. He empowered me to take ownership of any issues and work on them myself. With great success!

Are you very interested in potentially working together, but not quite sure if it's a fit for you now? Then let's talk!

Schedule a Free 25-Minute Video Consult with Dylan:

You can choose between 2 options:

Private Coaching

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Embody Your Life's Journey At It's Next Stage

Group Coaching

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Connect to Transform Your Deeper Limiting Patterns

You can choose to do twelve 75-minute private sessions with Dylan. Or Six 2-hour Group Coaching Sessions. BOTH options include the 3 Bonus Mini-Workshops. Read more about each option below...

The Private Coaching

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Private Coaching with Dylan helps you Clarify Your Direction & Embody your Life's Journey into the Next Stage of your Development in a way completely fitting to YOU.

An Online Embodiment Coaching Session With Dylan Newcomb
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Private Coaching Sessions, with Dylan done either weekly or bi-weekly via Zoom video, can support you in evolving more quickly and gracefully into the next stage of your natural evolution.

Private coaching, using a dynamic combination of UZAZU, Energy Psychology and 'more conventional' coaching approaches, has been one of the main focuses of Dylan's work over the past 17 years. 

Particularly if you are feeling stubbornly held back by unresolved past events (at any level) and/or uncertain about where to direct your focus and 'purposeful work' at this juncture, then adding this private coaching layer can make a huge difference.

Purchasing the coaching session together with the Online Course multiplies the effectiveness of either one on it's own and effectively makes this coaching almost half-price, compared to doing private coaching with Dylan later, separately. 

UZAZU Is A METHOD That Gives You An Embodied Practice For Your Ongoing Developmental Journey

Be supported on your own Individual Journey of Transformation & Growth

In his private practice, Dylan works primarily with adults who've already done a fair amount of 'personal growth & healing work', but who find themselves at the limits of what their past approaches have been able to offer, and are attracted to working in a way that's both deeply embodied, integrally transpersonal, and continually relational.

Here's what you get, when you Sign up for Private Coaching:

  • Twelve 75-minute Embody Your Purpose Coaching Sessions with Dylan Newcomb via Zoom Video.
  • Optional Recordings of each session directly to your laptop or desktop computer so you can review it again later.
  • Embodied "homework" practices after each session, posted on your Journey Board, to keep you moving forward.
  • A customized, interactive online Coaching Journey Board to support your process & keep you effectively focused.
  • Pre & Post Session Reflection Forms, that are read by Dylan and later discussed together, to optimize your learning & integration feedback loops.
  • Chat support via your Coaching Board, in between sessions, to help you through any questions or 'process snags' you may have.

If you are very interested in doing the private coaching option, but/and you have any questions or doubts at all, you can ask it via the chat button below, email Dylan directly at dylan.newcomb@uzazu.org, and/or you're very welcome to grab a 25-minute slot on Dylan's calendar here and talk about it directly with him!

Click here to see what people are saying about working privately with Dylan...

The Group Coaching

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With the Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions, 3 Bonus Mini-Workshops, and Single 1-1 Session with Dylan, you have a potent, supportive container in which to the do deep, embodied re-conditioning work that lets your life more gracefully & joyfully unfold.

UZAZU Foundations Course Group Coaching Session Impression 1 Cohort 1 1

If you are looking to transform your current patterning at a deep level—be it attachment wounds, or patterns of negative thought emotions, and/or behavior, then this Group Coaching journey is highly recommended. Being an active part of a loving, supporting, interactive group process can make all the difference in really facilitating deep, consistent and integrated change to occur. Honestly, it's also just easier to consistently show up and stay fully involved in your own deeper growth process when you're an active part of a group process.

Embodied Transformation Involves Changing Sub Conscious Thoughts Emotions And Behaviors 150x150

Embodied Transformation of Sub-Conscious Limiting Beliefs is KEY to Real Growth

In a sense, ALL  beliefs are limiting. It's just that certain beliefs, or 'thought-forms', can be truly empowering for you to tap into in certain moments in your life. Until they aren't any more. Then they hold you back big time, and can be really hard to let go of!

In UZAZU, we don't work with 'installing positive beliefs' or flooding our mind-space with 'positive affirmations'. Instead, we cultivate the bodymind's capacity to hold & release a full spectrum of constructive thought-forms and flow each of these unique 'shapes of intent' coherently through the body-mind-awareness system

This way, you're not creating new beliefs to latch onto and then later need to shed, but rather you're cultivating the capacity to FULLY show up in whichever way the moment invites. And during this process, we notice where the body is not feeling safe in allowing the mind to release certain outdated thought-forms, then we help the body safely & ease-fully let these limiting beliefs go.

This Group Coaching Journey gives you:

  • Six Bi-weekly 2-hour in-depth Group Coaching Sessions, diving deeply and personally into the core challenges and growth opportunities of that Session's main themes and UZAZU postures.
  • 'Hot-seat' moments of 1-1 Coaching with Dylan, using  UZAZU-based somatic integration, which you both receive directly and get to watch others go through—great for added perspective, and for helping professionals.
  • Regular Breakout Groups of 2-3 people, where you do interactive, guided UZAZU exercises that are profoundly helpful in integrating the work—both personally AND interpersonally. (This was our last group's favorite part!)
  • A PDF with an In-Depth List of Supportive Statements, or 'Shapes of Intent' to integrate w/ each UZAZU Postures main themes.
  • Arguably the most valuable aspect of the Group Coaching track is the deeper relationships and loving, supportive community that naturally form during the process. There's something uniquely potent about doing embodied work with shared video presence that—even in an online space—creates a remarkable sense of connectedness. 
  • Bonus: As a Group Coaching participant, you will receive a 75 minute 1-1 Session w/ Dylan. Having your session about mid-way into the process is generally recommended, but anytime is fine.

Included in BOTH packages are 3 Bonus 2-hour Online Mini-Workshops with Dylan (Exclusive to this Offering!)

  • Bonus Mini-Workshop 1: Transform Unconscious Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Thought-Forms
  • Bonus Mini-Workshop 2: Discover & Embody the Values are most truly Valuable to you NOW
  • check
    Bonus Mini-Workshop 3: Identify & Embody Your Most Purpose-Aligned Vocational Archetypes
Knowhow Guarantee

Many people don't offer money-back guarantees with their live coaching services, but I feel strongly about it. If, after our first session together, you don't  feel a palpable sense of real transformational possibility, and/or simply don't feel a strong & supportive enough connection, then I encourage you to just let me know, and I'll refund your investment. No problem whatsoever!

Are you very interested in potentially working together, but not quite sure if it's a fit for you now? Then let's talk!

Schedule a Free 25-Minute Video Consult with Dylan:

Choose the Approach and Payment Plan that's Right for You...

Private Coaching

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Embody Your Life's Journey At It's Next Stage

One Payment of:

$ 2997

Or 4 Monthly Payments of:

$ 797

  • Twelve 75-minute Embody Your Purpose private coaching sessions
  • A private Coaching Journey Board  w/ customized 'homework' practices
  • Private messaging support from Dylan to aid your ongoing progress
  • The Three Special Bonus 2-hour Online Mini-Workshops
  • Access to 50% Discount on the 12-Week UZAZU Online Course

Group Coaching

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Connect to Transform Your Deeper Limiting Patterns

One Payment of:

$ 947

3 Monthly Payments of:

$ 347

  • 6 Bi-Weekly 2-hour Group Coaching Sessions of UZAZU-based, guided re-patterning of subconscious beliefs & old conditioning
  • One 90-minute Private Session with Dylan
  • Building deep connections, learning & getting support from the Group
  • The Three Special Bonus 2-hour Online Mini-Workshops
  • Access to 50% Discount on the 12-Week UZAZU Online Course

All Bonus Mini-Workshops & Group Coaching Sessions will be held every other Tuesday, from 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT (GMT-5). The Group Coaching Sessions will begin on Tuesday, April 16th.

As people from very different time zones join, some will likely not be able to attend the sessions live.
That's why a REPLAY of each Bonus Workshop and Group Coaching Session will always posted in a private course area within 12 hours. You can get a LOT out of it without being present live—but live attendance and interaction is of course highly recommended,

I look forward to Personally supporting You on youR Journey...

Are you feeling called to evolve right now? Called to 'step it up' in bigger, more ease-fully empowered way? Each person's developmental journey is it's own unique and beautiful process. I would be honored to be able to help YOU move into the next stage of your ongoing evolution.

Yours in embodied ease and flow, Dylan Newcomb
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Are you very interested in potentially working together, but not quite sure if it's a fit for you now? Then let's talk!

Schedule a Free 25-Minute Video Consult with Dylan:

Larry Stoler Small 2 E1527020384625 300x300
Open Quote 2 150x150

When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically

This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration.

Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP

President Emeritus of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology​

Frequently Asked Questions about the Private  Sessions:

If I get the Private Coaching Package now, do I have to use it immediately, or can I wait a bit?

What’s the recommended frequency of the Private Sessions, and can I adapt them to my schedule?

How are these Private Coaching Sessions structured?

Can I meet with you personally to help myself decide if I want to do these coaching sessions now?

What about if I take the just Online Course first, and then maybe do some Private sessions later?