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Alex Iglecia

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Have you had a major breakdown or setback in the last year that caused you to pivot, reflect and make radically new choices aligned with who you really want to be?

Professionals and creatives often hire me after they've hit a speed bump in their evolution. They've entered the cocoon stage of transformation and need help moving moving through letting go so they can gain inspired motivation again at a new level.

Is there a part of you that you know is hiding, buried or trapped? Are you committed to freedom, authenticity, integrity and creativity? I've been there, many times, and so have my clients. If your next stage of development is begging you to embody more kindness, self-love, honoring, trust and healing in order to be the role model, leader, creator you most wish to be... let's talk.

What is calling you?

Coaching with me can help you get clarity about your life's throughline and personal mythology so you can live more in tune with your true self.

What caused the breakdown that you are now aware needs your attention?

Coaching with me can help you heal and strengthen, recover and restore, smile and move forward with emerging confidence.

What breakthrough have you already initiated, and you're calling in new energy, purpose and inspiration for creating your future?

Working with me can help you own the good that comes by in creasing your receiving and self-trust.

How to begin:

To begin exploring what it's like to work with me, schedule a Dive Deep Discovery Session to spark your next breakthrough and see if you enjoy the way I help you move forward.

Watch this short testimonial from a powerful retreat in Hawaii:

Past clients:

have included CEOs, PhDs, artists, investors, engineers, business owners and teens whose intentions were alignment, creativity, kindness, generosity, more synchronicity and peace in their career, health and relationships.

To let your true wealth flow, let go and let's go.

"What glorious gifts
Make your molecules dance
Making love with enthusiasm,
Across the universe?"

- Alex Iglecia, MA

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    Founder, Creator, Husband facilitating Clarity and Flow for Visionaries on the Move
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    ADHD, Business Consulting, Depression, Embodied Design and Systems Change Practice, Emotional Work, Empowerment, Goals achievement, Leadership, Life Purpose, Movement Re-Training, Re-Invention, Stress Management, Succeeding as an HSP Highly Sensitive Person, Visualization

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