Join founder & master coach Dylan Newcomb for an UZAZU Embodied Intelligence 6-Month Journey:

Embodied Thriving

Group Coaching Program

Get the expert guidance, peer  interaction, and support you need to identify & transform deeper, unconscious limiting patterns and activate the embodied states that will help you thrive in your life.

We begin on Monday, May 10th.

Sunday, May 9th, is the last day you can join this new Group Coaching Program. 

Time remaining to enroll:


You missed out!

Are you feeling like now is the time to evolve into the next stage of your life's journey, and that deeper embodiment is key for you?

Then having the expert guidance & group support to transform your most deeply conditioned responses at a core, embodied level—and regularly practice embodying the balanced, empowering states you need right now—might be just the thing that can make these coming months be a real breakthrough period for you.

We've all been there: You're about to start working on a project or task—something that's really important to you. But then, as soon as you begin, your energy and focus get all "funky". You're just not 'feelin' it.' So, almost without realizing it, you start doing something else. And that important project or task doesn't move forward, yet again.

Or perhaps your limiting old patterns are showing up for you most strongly in relationships right now: Either pulling away and avoiding contact when things get uncomfortable, and/or losing yourself (yet again) in the other person's needs and emotional state...

Even when you've read the books, memorized the inspiring quotes, talked it through ad nauseam in therapy and/or with your friends... Even when we rationally 'know better...'

It can often seem near impossible not to fall, yet again, into those same old limiting behaviors, reactions, and energetic-emotional states that aren't just serving us...

For sure: Having clear, inspiring goals can help... And having a vision & mission that motivates you can be useful, many times...

But, as we all know, it's one thing to think it, and it's something else to actually stay focused & well-regulated enough to effectively (and joyfully!) manifest it, as each new day passes...
No matter how 'purpose-aligned', or inspiring your hopes and dreams are, you can only remain as engaged and effective—in manifesting the life you desire—as your EMBODIED STATE allows you to be. 

That's why, at a certain point it can be so helpful to actually reduce the time you spend thinking about how to show up more effectively and better realize your dreams...
And instead, to increase the time you spend learning and practicing how to embody the specific states of being that will most serve & enliven you—in those very contexts that will make the biggest difference in your life.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence gives you a clear, easy to learn & apply a set of principles and practices that empower you to identify exactly which kinds of imbalanced states of being are 'getting in your way', and to then identify & practice shifting into the specific balanced, enlivening states that will most empower you to thrive, moment to moment.

Introducing the: 

Embodied Thriving Group Coaching Program

This embodiment-based, experiential, and relational Group Coaching Program, is designed with a complementary set of embodied & integrative formats to help give you the effective guidance, learning, practice, and deeper re-patterning opportunities to help YOU to grow & thrive—through your whole bodymind, and in the World.

This Group Coaching Program, will support you to...

In our six months together, we'll inevitably spend time on a broad range of embodied states and 'real life issues', as you each bring your own material to the group process... However, here are the four main themes we'll consistently be focusing on, as they are fundamental to the work with do in UZAZU Embodied Intelligence. Each of these four themes has many possible levels of depth, along our own developmental journeys. Having six months together will allow you to keep revisiting these themes at new levels of awareness, skill, and integration.


Develop a deeply compassionate & empowering relationship to your own balanced and imbalanced embodied states

Having a way to safely feel & experience your various embodied states, and then being able to hold them with spacious awareness and self-compassion is a key first step on almost any truly embodied personal growth journey. Naturally feeling more compassion towards your inner state (especially the imbalanced or unpleasant ones) can be, in itself a radical experiential shift. 

Once it's 'well-held', then we typically then focus on learning to efficiently rebalance, stabilize and strengthen it, so you can experience that state in a well-regulated and even empowering way at will —be it a state of Inner-Calmness, Assertive Focus, Compassionate Empathy, Authentic Creativity, or whatever various states you're focusing on.


Learn to quickly shift into purpose-aligned, inner-motivated ACTION—so you can move forward with things YOU want to do

Chances are, in some areas of your life, you can feel like you're holding back or not experiencing the energy, freedom, and/or confidance to really take stong, impassioned action on the things you want to do, change, or accomplish... These are the areas where doing very targeted, embodied work on your capacity, in that context, to step more into your own energizing inner-motivation, sense of individual power, your inner-knowing, and healthy self-esteem can make an especially big difference in your life. Stepping into your own power more fully and easily—in a way that feels aligned with your current values and priorities—will be a key recurring focus during our journey together. I'm also excited to share with you the deeper, embodied belief-change work we often do in UZAZU, around this topic


Expand the dynamic range of how you can comfortably show up and engage in your personal & professional relationships

Ultimately, we're always in (some kind of) relationship... In UZAZU, we typically focus first on our relationship to our Self and own embodied state. We then extend this more embodied awareness out to enter into 'external relationship' in a more ground, conscious way. From here, we focus on really listening deeply to our embodied tendencies when connect with other people and situations... When & where do you pull back or close off? When & where do you overextend, lose contact with 'Self' and start to become enmeshed? So very much of our work together will be in this explicitly relational context—be it for you exploring how you're showing up with your partner, your kids, your neighbors, co-workers, or potential clients. You will learn how and get ample relational practice time—on your own, and very often together in dyads or group—to become more comfortably & dynamically receptive, empathic, well-differentiated, authentic, assertive, and co-creative with others, as each moment invites.


Transform how you naturally 'manage' your attention & energetic states in key situations, so life becomes consistently less stressful or draining and more energizing and flowing. 

It's simply no fun to be 'out of sync' with how the moment is inviting you to show up. When we're not in the optimally appropriate energetic state, we quickly start to generate stress. It's more tiring. And it's neither especially productive or fun. That's why we'll spend a good amount of time together practicing embodying states in relationship with each other and within specific-to-you imagined scenarios. So you can get used to embodying states In the actual situations where you need them most! It's this second, contextualized & relational phase of embodied self-development work that really deepens how much you experience significant, tangible changes, directly in your day to day life.

What people are saying about UZAZU

Benedikt MacIssaac

Benedikt MacIsaac

Musician, Music Producer

"...I have more Drive and more Passion."

It's changing how I energetically interact with everything around me. I have more drive. I have more passion. I feel I can be more authentic, and sharing my truth is one of the most gratifying things I have now.

Natasha Salvo

Natasha Salvo

Online Learning Designer, UZAZU Practitioner

"I’m just not triggered by “stuff” the way I used to be.."

I’ve waited my whole life to find UZAZU…and for it to find me. It’s the first modality I’ve found that directly integrates simple, intuitive body-based practices with cognitive processing and mindfulness/awareness practice to shift and transform energy and thought patterns that have remained deeply lodged in my system, despite my best efforts and intentions to move through them.

My deep-seated sense of trauma-based “urgency” has all-but evaporated. I’m just not triggered by “stuff” the way I used to be, and when I am, I have a way of working with it that’s immediate and effective. And I feel more engaged with my purpose than ever before.

larry stoler

Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP

Psychologist, President Emeritus of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

"When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically."

This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration.

Here’s What You Get, When You Join this Program:

A Bi-Weekly State-Training Class

These every-other-week 90-minute highly interactive classes with Dylan will dive deeply into each of the 9 core states, helping you access and embody each state more & more optimally, and help you explore how best to integrate and synergize that embodied state into your daily life, in the ways that will be most helpful for YOU. Having, conscious, intentional, repeatable peak experiences of specific states, and practicing how you will bring them into your life, is a hugely effective way to help evolve how you naturally show up in each moment.

Weekly Personal Practice-Pod Meetings

Members will be placed into small Pod Groups of 4-5 people, and given specific yet open-ended guidelines for how to practice together and support each other, as well as help provide accountability and helpful feedback. (Members will be placed into Pods according to which meeting time slot works for them.) Having this peer-to-peer interaction & support within your Pod is a huge part of what can help make your time in this group coaching program a transformational experience.

A Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Session

These every-other-week 90-minute sessions with Dylan are focused on helping you directly with YOUR specific current issues, topics, and questions. After a short collective check-in and embodied warm-up, we dive into members' specific issues, in laser-focused mini-sessions with Dylan ranging about 15-30 minutes per person (so, about 3-5 people per session.) Attention will also be given to how one person’s ‘hot-seat’ process of working with Dylan with using a specific Mode/State can be relevant & helpful to everyone present. 

A Weekly Live, Guided UZAZU Practice

Having regular, weekly 30-minute guided UZAZU practices with Dylan (whether you can make them live or via the replays) are a great way to keep deepening and evolving your practice. The very focused sessions contain minimal talking: It's about quickly setting the context, preparing the body, mind, and awareness, and then submerging into the deep flow of that specific practice. Practices will range from the 8-State Developmental Flow, to Opposite State Integration, to Dynamic Relational Embodiment Practices, and, further on, more advanced practices not taught in the basic UZAZU trainings.

Access to Extended Support Materials

All Sessions, Classes and Guided Practices in this Group Coaching Program will be recorded and placed in a secure members area for you to easily access. You will also have access to the full version of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment, which allows you to retake it as often as you like, including for past periods in your life, and compare changes over time. You will also have the ability to identify & track progress on your own specific issues or topics—to help keep you focussed on the things that will be most helpful for you.

A Private Online Group Coaching Forum

This is a private, secure space to share your own questions, insights, breakthroughs and questions, within our Group Coaching tribe. We can learn so much—and gain so much inspiration and support—from each other. Having a dedicated, safe space to share online with other ‘embodied personal development journeyers’ from around the world, can be a very valuable resource. Dylan, and a few other Certified UZAZU Practitioners, will be in this forum regularly as well, and will respond  to any questions you ask, so you can keep moving forward with your own practice and process.

Program Session Dates & Times

We will start on Monday, May 10th and go through June & July, break in August, and then meet again Sept, Oct, Nov.

Our weekly 90-minute training or group coaching sessions will be held Mondays, at 6pm London/UK, 1pm New York/USA

The 30-minute weekly Practice Sessions will be held on Thursdays at 5pm London/UK, 12pm New York/USA

The Pod Groups (of 4) and Meeting times will be organized at the beginning, based on participants time-zones.

Bonus Content

Signing up for the Embodied Thriving Group Coaching Course also gives you these extras:
Bonus 1

A Free 75-Minute Private Session with Dylan

The first 10 people who join this Group Coaching Program will receive one 75-minute Private Coaching Session with Dylan, at whichever point during the 6-month coaching is desired. (As of April 27, here's still a few slots currently left)

Bonus 2

25% Off any Private Coaching with Dylan

If at any point during this 6 month program you wish to add in 1 or more private, 75-minute coaching sessions with Dylan, then any package you get (that's packages of 1, 3, 6, or 12) sessions, is 25% discounted.

Bonus 3

The UZAZU Personal Foundations Training

As part of the group coaching program, you'll get access to this 6-hour recorded online training, which can efficiently teach you all the foundations of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, if you're not already familiar with the basics.

About Dylan Newcomb

Dylan Newcomb is the founder & lead trainer of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, a master embodiment-based coach for helping professionals & cultural creatives, and an avid embodiment researcher.

Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition, and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade. Generously funded by the Dutch government, Dylan went on to co-found the Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2001, where he conducted cross-cultural research for several years, exploring how vocal sounds, breath, and movement influenced thought, emotion, and behavior across hundreds of subjects. This research formed the basis for what has evolved into the comprehensive personal growth modality now known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

Over the past 18 years, Dylan has taught his unique approach to embodiment training to over 3,000 students across 4 continents. He has trained coaches, therapists, group facilitators, policemen, doctors, and business leaders in how to quickly balance their inner states to bring more ease and flow to their engagement in the world.

Dylan is increasingly recognized as one of the emerging next-generation of leaders in the space of bringing the science and practice of embodiment-based personal development into the 21st Century.

As a master-coach, Dylan Newcomb works 1-1 online with helping professionals, supporting them to move through the remaining blocks holding them back from effectively getting their purpose-driven work into the world, and he works with conscious entrepreneurs & cultural creatives looking to grow their impact, while also growing as a whole person. Dylan lives with his wife Kyung-sun Baek and their 10 year old daughter Kiana in Freeport Maine, USA.

Dylan Newcomb

What people are saying about working with Dylan

Judith Minema

Judith Minnema

Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

"...every aspect of Self is honored and valued..."

What benefits me most is the enormous space Dylan creates in which every aspect of Self is honored and valued and then can be explored from that space. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there into whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

I specifically recommend the coaching Dylan offers to people who have experienced a deep sense of unity or oneness and want to have a grounded understanding of how that plays out in (their) life and how they can hold, embody and work with the simplicity-complexity tension of their experience. Dylan knows how to open people up for that natural development with a lot of care and love and humor too!

Aldo Rinaldi

Aldo Rinaldi

MD Physician

"I gained specific techniques... for cultivating my own authenticity in the world."

Not having experienced coaching or UZAZU in the past, I had no means of anticipating how much growth and evolution a single encounter could yield, nor did I yet realize the depths of my hunger for this kind of embodied change in my life.

In the first session, I gained both specific techniques and the sensibility of a whole novel approach for cultivating my own authenticity in the world. This simple method, even in the hands of a beginner such as myself, worked to quickly metabolize very personal blockages that were subtly obstructing the flow of my expression into the world.

My wife and I have also now gained a communication method that allows us to reveal ourselves, our feelings and emotions, to one another safely, without confrontation, while naturally engendering harmony. In our experience, just talking about it ad nauseam didn’t get us anywhere, but, if we “UZAZU over it”, differences are resolved and we have a really sweet moment to just experience and appreciate each other.

Robin Reinach

Robin Reinach

Writer, Producer, Investor

"...I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as excitement.."

Things happen when I work with Dylan. From the first, Dylan got the gist of my many complicated and interrelated issues, while meeting me with empathy and obvious wisdom. Holding the large picture, Dylan zoomed in on the aspect of my issues that proved most urgent and central to healing. After our first session, I felt an immediate sense of relief, as well as excitement, curiosity and inspiration.

Dylan has helped me deal with chaos and grief; he has helped me experience joy and my own potential to step forward powerfully in life. Dylan’s insight is uncanny, his heart is big, and his mind is lightning fast. UZAZU offers a doorway into deep, quick, healing work, and Dylan has been an amazing guide and companion as my journey unfolds.

Why might you consider to take the step & join this Embodied Thriving Group Coaching Program now?

On a personal note...

I don't know about how it's been for you so far, in your life...

But I know for myself that typically every few years, I reach a point where I just know: It's time for me to focus more intently on my own personal growth.

And this typically includes some balance of expanding my (embodied) awareness, letting go of some stuff I don't need anymore, stepping more authentically & powerfully into whomever I'm currently becoming, and then discovering how to connect & interact with others from this new, evolved place. And if the inner-growth was truly significant, then it can feel like I need to actually re-learn how to even be in relationship in the world! 

Does this sounds or feel at all familiar to you?

One thing I've learned, after over 18 years of doing this kind of deep-level work with hundreds of people, is that when someone has the opportunity to go through their own "next-stage growth journey" in a safe, skilfully supported way—that's both embodied AND relational—then the whole process can happen more gently, effectively, and rapidly.

I don't know if NOW is this kind of time for you... But if you ARE at all feeling this way, then this 6-month group coaching journey might be just the kind of container and process that would help you more fully thrive.

And I would be honored and delighted to support you in this!

Dylan Newcomb Signature


You can choose to pay all at once (slightly cheaper) or spread it out over the three months.

And you can choose to do just the group coaching, or add in 3 Private Sessions with Dylan.

1 Single Payment

1 Single Payment of:



  • Weekly 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly 30-Minute UZAZU Practice Classes
  • Weekly Small Practice-Pod Group Meetings, with Support
  • Access to extended UZAZU Support PDFs and Materials
  • Access to all Recordings, PDFs, and Community for 2 years
  • Other bonus content and discounts (see above for details)
6 Monthly Payments

6 Monthly Payments of:



  • Weekly 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly 30-Minute UZAZU Practice Classes
  • Weekly Small Practice-Pod Group Meetings, with Support
  • Access to extended UZAZU Support PDFs and Materials
  • Access to all Recordings, PDFs, and Community for 2 years
  • Other bonus content and discounts (see above for details)

We begin on Monday, May 10th.

Sunday, May 9th, is the last day you can join this new Group Coaching Program. 

Time remaining to enroll:


You missed out!

Comes with a Complete, 30-Day Refund...

knowhow guarantee

I really don’t want you to have to regret spending money on this! That’s why I’d much prefer to give you a full refund if, within the first 30 days, you’ve attended at least two of the first four sessions (live or in replay), and are still feeling it's maybe not a good fit for you or what you're needing right now. To get your refund, simply send an email to support@uzazu.org and we'll refund your entire payment, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this group coaching program for? How do I know if it's a good fit for ME?

This 6-month group coaching program is for anyone who wants to really lean in to using embodiment-based practices for their own personal growth & development over the coming 6 months. (Well, 7 months actually, as we’re taking August off...)

If you have the feeling that NOW is the time you want to focus on deepening your capacity to SHOW UP in more fully empowered, connected, and (co)creative way in your personal and professional life, then this group coaching program could be a great fit for you!

This program can also be a great fit for embodiment-based or other helping professionals (coaches, therapists, etc.). You can read more about this in the question-answer below this one.

You do NOT need to have any prior training in UZAZU or any other 'embodiment-based modality.' You do NOT need to be skilled in moving your body. The postures & movements we use in UZAZU are very simple, and I'll teach them as we go. This is the perfect place to start for anyone who wants to learn all the basics of UZAZU for their own use.

Also included in the group coaching program is immediate access to the replay recordings and PDFs of our 1-day UZAZu for Personal use Foundations Training. This gives you , in 6 hours of follow-along videos, a full basic training in UZAZU. We’ll review—and go significantly deeper into—ALL the basics of UZAZU, over the course of the first 3 months. But/and this 6-hour training is a great way to immerse yourself in ALL the fundamental postures and embodied states right from the beginning. People tend to find that each time they go through a training in and guided experience of the postures and their states that they discover more. So it’s great to have & do both versions.

Now, that said, the more prior experience you have in embodied approaches in general, and in UZAZU specifically, the more quickly and readily you’ll be able to apply what I’m offering and integrate it at a deep level. UZAZU is good at meeting people where they are at. So both beginning and advanced embodiment practitioners are welcome!

If am working professionally with clients, will this program help me to use UZAZU-based methods with them?

To be clear, this is not a training that helps you use UZAZU with others/clients—that's what our 3-Day Professional Foundations Training & Practitioner Certification are for. That said, if you DO have professional training in UZAZU, or other related embodied client-focused methodologies, this program can definitely (indirectly) support you in more effectively working with your clients.

Firstly, it can help you identify and work on specific ways of being and interacting with others that are wanting more embodied attention, integration and growth—and this then empowers YOU to show up more effectively with your clients, and to 'model’ more for your clients the depth of embodied fullness & freedom you want for them.

Secondly, this program has ample space for you to bring in ANY issues or growth edges you want to work on—personal AND professional. So, for example, many helping professionals have challenges feeling comfortable and confident ‘getting their own work out there’... I LOVE working with people on the ‘inner game of marketing’. What comes up for you, for example, when you go to share your value—and offers & invitations—with others? SO much healthy, next-stage ego development can happen when we lean into the personal growth side of our own marketing-focused resistance & edges!

Or maybe it’s more for you about feeling drained from seeing so many clients, and the ‘compassion fatigue’ that can so easily build up... UZAZU can be a very precise and effective tool to help cope with and even overcome this. And I’ll be delighted to support people with this challenge as well.

Lastly, having the opportunity to see how I help different people use UZAZU to work with a very broad range of issues, and how I adapt my approach, style, and methods, depending on the person & topic, can potentially inspire and open new doors for you in your own work—UZAZU-based or otherwise.

I'm not so sure about doing embodiment-based practices ONLINE... Is it as effective as in person?

We consistently get feedback on how surprisingly engaging and transformational it is for people, in this online format. I've been teaching UZAZU primarily online for over 9 years now, and am very satisfied with how it works in this 'virtual' setting. My team and I have worked (and keep working) hard to optimize the effectiveness of our online teaching methodologies.

As an added benefit to doing UZAZU embodiment training online—particularly given how inherently relational UZAZU is as a method—you are simultaneously teaching your body-mind-awareness system how to better energetically manage itself in online interactions. This helps make ALL your online meetings (including any online client sessions, if you do them) feel more connected and less draining. We will specifically address & practice how to use UZAZU to improve your online interaction experience during our time together.

I also provide a full discount if, within the first month of the group coaching program, you feel it's still not working for you. (See the last question for more details on this.)

What if I can't make it to all of the live, online sessions? Is that OK? And will there be replays available?

YES, it's fine if you can’t always make it. I expect “life”—work appointments, vacations, etc— to possibly prevent you sometimes from being able to join. I record ALL the sessions and make them available to you in a very user-friendly, private online course area for a 2 full years after we finish, so you can go back to different parts & practices multiple times later (including all the handouts I share). This also includes 2 year access to a dedicated online UZAZU Group Coaching community space, where you can share and ask questions to other members. The small Pod Group meetings will have a few different time-zone options, so you can pick the one that works best for your schedule. (We’ll determine those various options on the first week, once we know how many people we have in which time-zones.)

If I’m interested in joining the Practitioner Certification Training in 2022, does this cover any of the same content?

Yes, partly it will cover some of the same material as our Practitioner Certification Training, but from a ‘personal use’ perspective. Here, we’re not focusing on how to facilitate embodied work with Others. However, in our 6 months together, we will go MUCH more in-depth than in the 1-Day Foundations Training.

We will have ample time together to explore many facets of how to embody and work with each of the 9 core states and their postures AND on how to take simple and even complex ‘issues’ or tensions in your life and work effectively on them using UZAZU. In that process, I’ll definitely be sharing and leading people through some of the more advanced, in-depth ways to use UZAZU work on resolving unprocessed ‘inner stuff’ and cultivating greater capacity to bring a more full & balanced range of states into those situations, or areas of your life, that most matter to you. You will also get to see & experience HOW I help various people in this process, which, if you’re a facilitator yourself, can be very informative.

What if I’m concerned about privacy, and ‘working on my issues’ in a group, online setting?

All group coaching sessions & recordings, including and especially all personal content shared in them from participants, will be held in strict confidence. The UZAZU teaching and guided workshop weeks (every other week) may be shared with future group coaching cohorts. The alternating weeks, where we primarily focus on individual current ‘issues’ or tensions in focused 1-1’s with me/Dylan will not be shared beyond this group. 

All participants will be asked to sign a privacy & confidentiality agreement before we begin. The video recordings and the private content & sharing areas of the UZAZU website are always maintained with 2-layers of heavy-duty password protected firewalls, to prevent any malicious hacking attempts. 

We also have clear guidelines, that we’ll make explicit at the beginning, how members are expected to interact with each other, to help ensure a safe and respectful environment for us to share and work together in. It’s important everyone feels safe to be honest and vulnerable, during this process. Our embodied, interactive exercises typically help a lot as well, right from the beginning, to help build trust with and respectful empathy for each other.

How is this Group Coaching program different than doing some 1-1 coaching with Dylan?

It’s different from my private coaching in many ways, and similar in a few others ;-). Both ways, you get a LOT of direct access to me, and have my ongoing feedback & input on how you can effectively handle specific challenges in your life.

My private coaching program is either six or twelve 75-minute sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly. Because of the group coaching format, I can afford to give MORE of my time for less cost to you. So in this group coaching program, you get 6 months of continual practice, input, feedback, and1-1 mini-sessions of 15-30 minutes every 2-3 weeks or so, if you desire them. Plus the supported Pod group work and community support.

If you want to do really focused work on some deeper issues, where for example some patterns where early childhood trauma may be implicated, or deeper multi-generational patterns are significantly at play, etc, then these are often best suited for the longer, more private format of my private sessions.

But/and, I consistently find that to work on the deeper patterns and healing, it is typically easier & more effective to accomplish this when the person has already learned and developed some good skill with several of the core states we use in UZAZU (Sponge, Cradle, Pillar, and Bridge mostly—for those already ‘savvy’ in basic UZAZU...). Having the core states as deeply integrated resources, then makes doing deeper work much more smooth, gentle, efficient, and effective, I find.

That’s why I’m also offering all Group Coaching members the option to add on 1, 3, 6 or 12 sessions at a 25% discount at any time during the 6 months. Adding just 1 or 3 private sessions, when you feel you truly need to dive deeper with something, can be a very effective combination.

What if the timing of this 6-month program is not optimal for me? Will there be another one later?

“Probably”, is my currently best answer.

This is the first Group Coaching Program I’ve offered in about 7 years. Since that time, I have been waiting for what felt like the right time for me to feel confident I could offer it in a way that would be truly effective & transformational for up to 20 people. This relaunch of UZAZU in a group-coaching format is hopefully the first round of several/many more to come. The exact format, and price, may very well change—especially during the first 1-3 rounds of it—as I experiment, get feedback, and continue to grow and evolve it.

No dates are set yet for a possible second round. If you would very likely be interest in joining, if a new one starts in the fall of 2021, then please do email me directly and let me know. It will greatly help me in deciding if/when to do a next round of this program!

What if I start, and then decide it’s not a great for for me? Can I get a refund?

I really don’t want you to have to regret spending money on this! That’s why I’d much prefer to give you a full refund if, within the first 30 days, you’ve attended at least two of the first four sessions (live or in replay), and are still feeling it's maybe not a good fit for you or what you're needing right now. To get your refund, simply send an email to support@uzazu.org and we'll refund your entire payment, no questions asked.

Are you interested in joining, but still have questions if it's a fit for you right now? Then book a 15-minute consult with Dylan to discuss what might best serve you.

We start on Monday, May 10th, so book your consult well before then.

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