A free webinar (replay) with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb

Working with the Cycles & Stages of Your Embodied Personal Growth

Dylan Newcomb
"Come away from our time together with a clearer sense of what kinds of  embodied work could be most helpful & empowering for you right now."

In this Webinar you will:

  • Learn about the 'inevitable' 3-part cycle of embodied growth and how you can intentionally leverage each part of this cycle to build the specific competencies that will most serve you in your personal & professional life right now—without nearly as much stress & internal resistance.

  • Learn about—and directly experience—the four essential kinds of embodied states we each need unblocked access to in order to thrive in our lives, and how these 4 states ultimately need to build on each other as developmental stages.
  • Learn about how using UZAZU's embodied practices, and potentially also working 1-1 with Dylan directly, or with a certified UZAZU Practioner, can help you become more easefully & joyfully purpose-aligned in your life right now. 

This Live, 90-minute Webinar was held:

Thursday, Sept. 2nd, 2021

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As our lived experience (and stresses) in the present moment collide with both our desires for the future AND our inevitable conditioning (often including various kinds and degrees of trauma) from the past, it can sometimes be difficult & confusing to know what specific kinds of embodied self-work will most effectively help us both improve our moment-to-moment quality of life AND also grow into the life we’re ultimately wanting.

My intention is for you to be able to come away from our time together in this webinar with a more clear and actionable sense of general kinds of embodied work (and UZAZU-based work in specific) that could be most helpful & empowering for you right now, at this moment in your life & ongoing growth journey.

More drive and passion...

It's changing how I energetically interact with everything around me. I have more drive. I have more passion. I feel I can be more authentic, and sharing my truth is one of the most gratifying things I have now.

Ben MacIssac Musician

I have become more focused...

I have become more focused, discerning, and purposeful. I am able to process emotional waves much more deeply and swiftly.

Luna Marendi

How simply I can choose step back into my power!

For me, personally, I became aware of areas where I was withholding parts of myself. By observing my body, moving through these movements with Dylan's guidance, I was able to see how simply I can choose to step back into my power!

Shirley Weiss MA, HHC, WeissHolistic

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