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How the Four Core Areas of Embodiment Can Help You Thrive Now.

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> Get out of your head and into your body.  
> Activate your bodymind's Natural Intelligences 
> Experience more Connection, Joy, and Ease!

(Note: This is an experiential webinar mini-workshop, so be ready to actively participate & use your body!!)

Do you feel you're living too much 'in your head'?

Let's face it: We often end up over-thinking things and getting in our own way a lot. 
On one hand, it's simply inherent to being a social mammal with a 'highly evolved' neocortex—we tend to think & worry a lot! But it's also because most of us haven't yet learned how to consciously ground back into our body and access the more effortless energy & intelligences of an integrated Bodymind. 

This webinar will give you a simple-yet-powerful core framework for doing just that. The more deeply and skillfully you can live life through your whole Bodymind, the more you'll find your Thinking naturally softens, your Feeling is a source of guidance and motivation, and your Doing manifests with much more ease, joy, and natural confidence.

In this highly experiential Webinar Training, you will:

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    Learn about and directly experience the four core types of embodiment that you need to 'get simpler', feel more empowered, and start thriving more naturally—both individually, and in your relationships.
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    Be supported in making key connections between your own current top challenges & frustrations and The Four Core Skills of Embodiment—so you come away knowing what kinds of embodiment practices will be most transformational & empowering for you right now.
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    Learn about a unique new opportunity to study and practice UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment online and cultivate these four transformational embodiment skills in your life.

This Interactive Training is Led By:

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Dylan Newcomb

Founder & Director:

 UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment