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How the Four Core Areas of Embodiment Can Help You Thrive Now.

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Could it be that you're too often 'stuck in your head'?

Let's face it: We often end up over-thinking things and getting in our own way a lot. 
Anxiety. Confusion. Doubt. Regret. The list goes on... And the more we THINK, the more complicated life seems to get! On one hand, it's simply part of being human—we tend to over-think things & worry a lot. 

But it's also because most of us haven't yet had the chance to learn how to consciously ground back into our body and access the more easeful self-regulation and social-emotional intelligence that comes from having a more fully integrated Bodymind!

This webinar with renowned Mind-Body researcher and expert trainer Dylan Newcomb will give you a simple-yet-powerful core framework for living skillfully and joyfully in your body. The more deeply and skillfully you can live your life through the whole Bodymind, the more you'll find your Thinking naturally softens, your Feelings are held more lovingly, and your Doing unfolds with more effective ease and joy!

In this experiential Embodiment Webinar, you will:

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    Learn about and directly experience the four core ways of being grounded and present in your body that will most directly empower you to start thriving more naturally—both individually, and in all your relationships.
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    Make powerful, inspiring connections between your own main challenges & frustrations in life right now and the Four Core Areas of Embodiment—so you can walk away knowing exactly what kind of embodiment is most transformational & empowering for you to focus on at this time!

This Free, Interactive Training Embodiment Class is Led By:

Dylan Newcomb

Founder & Director:

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