Experience this special, 2-part FREE mini-workshop series:

What Embodied Shifts will Make the Biggest Difference in Your Life Right Now?

with UZAZU founder & embodiment expert Dylan Newcomb

Session 1: How to Enhance Your Life Balance using UZAZU’s Circle of 8 Life Areas

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Get concrete, operational clarity on what kinds of changes to how you actually spend your days would most directly enhance your quality of life and overall happiness.
  • Be guided through the unique UZAZU Eight Life Areas Quick Self-Assessment, which captures a 360 degree, holistic snapshot of your happiness & satisfaction across the eight main areas of your life.

  • Explore HOW your most frequent day-to-day activities are currently nurturing (or compromising!) each of your main 8 Life Areas—so you can identify the most efficient & effective ways to improve your overall life balance & quality! (This can really help you lessen the feeling of 'needing' to DO MORE.) 
  • Learn about how UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, with it's precise, research-based method for embodied state-shifting, can help you optimize how your daily activities can better support you in each area of your life—and how Dylan’s upcoming Group Coaching Program can help you with that.

Session 2: Optimize How You're Showing Up in Life, using The 4 Core Modes of Embodiment 

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Get deeper, embodied clarity on what kinds of shifts & deeper re-patternings of your own Embodied States will empower you to SHOW UP more fully & optimally in each moment.
  • Learn about the 4 Core Modes of Embodiment, as used in UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, and how being able to dynamically access each of these 4 modes States, across a broad range of contexts, empowers you to thrive—individually AND relationally.

  • Be guided in experiencing, directly, through your body which of these 4 core modes of embodiment you're currently most and least comfortable embodying in your own life—so can identify exactly what kind of 'state-repatterning' will be the the most transformational for you right now.
  • Learn about Dylan’s upcoming Group Coaching Program and how you can be supported over the coming months to make significant, deep changes to how both your internal states AND your external actions are supporting you to live the life you desire.

This 2-part Mini-Workshop happening

On Thursday, April 15th

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And Tuesday, April 20th

1:00pm - 2:30pm EST, USA

7:00pm - 8:30pm CEST, Europe

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