Attend a special two-hour live New Year's free mini-workshop with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb

Move into Purposeful Action in 2023

UZAZU Moving Into The New Year By Optimizing Your Embodied States

In these interactive 2 hours, you will:

  • Be guided through an embodied process that will quickly help you cut through the mental confusion and get gut-level clarity around what you want to focus on the coming year.
  • Learn how you can overcome the often paralyzing trap of taking a top-down, mind-over-body approach to clarifying & embodying your “purpose”, and replace it with a more organic & empowering bottom-up, body-supporting-mind approach.
  • Identify the key embodied states that will empower you, AND the specific roadblocks that could hold you back, from moving powerfully forward this coming year—in the direction your life is naturally wanting to go!

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd, 2023 

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM BST/UK, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT/USA


A New Year's letter from UZAZU Founder Dylan Newcomb:

Happy New Year!

Many of us are hoping that 2022 will be THE year where we start moving forward more fully again, but with LESS stress, anxiety and overwhelm...

This start of new year is a great time to reflect on and bring more vividly into focus what we want for the coming year and make plans to achieve it. But it's not always easy to stay focused and balanced enough to make those plans a reality. That's where UZAZU's Embodied Intelligence comes in. 

This interactive mini-workshop will help you gain grounded clarity about your goals for the new year and identify the key states of being that will help you pursue them effectively. Don't let another year go by without making progress on your aspirations.

Join us for this webinar and start the new year with a more authentic, embodied, and sustainable approach to realizing your goals. I look forward to exploring these states of being with you and helping you thrive in the coming year!

Dylan Newcomb Upper 3rd

Dylan Newcomb

UZAZU Founder & Director