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Helping Clients Reduce Stress & Access Flow States by Cultivating Embodied, Relational Intelligence

An Interactive Webinar for Coaches, Therapists, Counselors, and other Helping Professionals

This 90-minute FREE webinar with Embodiment Trainer & UZAZU Founder Dylan Newcomb will be available for a limited time only.

Dylan Newcomb

Hi, I’m Dylan Newcomb.

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About Dylan:

Dylan Newcomb is the lead researcher, trainer, and founder of the UZAZU method for cultivating Embodied Intelligence.

Recognized as one of the world's leading researchers, coaches, and trainers in the growing field of Embodiment, Dylan has taught thousands of students across four continents how to quickly and effectively shift their inner states, using breath, movement and awareness, and has trained coaches and therapists for the past 10 years in effectively using these techniques with their clients.

In this interactive webinar, you will...

Learn to recognize the core imbalances, or dysregulated states in the nervous system which produce stress and limit our capacity to be in flow—and how they manifest very differently in different areas of our life!

Discover the four essential phases of 'The Flow of Embodied, Relational Intelligence' and learn when to focus with clients on which phase of this flow so your work together is most effective AND long-lasting. (This is often counterintuitive!)

Learn how Unconscious Negative Beliefs form in response to negative experiences, how they then interact with your nervous system, and why identifying and transforming them in an embodied way is KEY to repatterning how you actually respond to events in your daily life.

This free webinar for Helping Professionals will only be held once this year!

In the last 20 minutes, Dylan will share and answer questions about the live 3-day Professional Trainings he will be offering in Liege Belgium, Brighton England, and Moscow Russia in late August & early September. 

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