Come take part in a free UZAZU Practice Session!

Reconnect with the Embodied Aliveness of Practicing UZAZU 

Have you learned the 9 Core Modes & Postures of UZAZU in the past and would welcome the opportunity to practice and re-activate those potent, full-spectrum bodymind states?

Then we invite you to join Dylan for a free 80-minute online UZAZU practice session exploring embodiment through the lens of The 4 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

Join us for this free practice session on Tuesday, October 24th, 2:00pm-3:30pm EST

I look forward to hopefully meeting you there soon, in (virtual) person, so we can 'do some UZAZU' together and explore the states we can access and share in together! 

- Dylan

In this 80-minute free UZAZU Practice Session, you will:

  • Reawaken your full range of balanced, embodied states and reconnect with UZAZU practice, as we flow through the 9 core integrative modes together and share insights.
  • Cultivate your embodied flow from bottom-up, attuning to your senses, emotions, motivations and insights to unlock deeper wisdom and vibrancy from within.
  • Cultivate your embodied flow from top-down, taking your ideas & visions, bringing them into inspired action, integrating your feelings, and grounding them into manifest reality.
  • Share about and reflect on our practice experience together and then discuss any question you have about our upcoming 4-month UZAZU Practice Group series, starting Friday November 3rd.

This Webinar will take place:

Tuesday, October 24th

West Coast USA:


East Coast, USA:


London, UK: 


Amsterdam, NL:


This free 80-minute practice session is for anyone who already knows UZAZU. So sign up and come prepared to engage! A replay will be available for 48 hours afterwards.

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A taste of the upcoming Practice Group Series...

On Friday November 3rd, we start a 4-month UZAZU Practice Group series, of every-other-week Practice Sessions with Deb and Dylan. This Tuesday's free session is both a chance to reconnect with the practice and with each other, and a chance to taste if indeed you may want to join us for eight more of these!

Albert Viljoen 2
"UZAZU has transformed my coaching practice and my personal life in ways that I couldn't have imagined. Using UZAZU, I can now get to the roots of any issue much more quickly and then easily work with it in an embodied way, which has made me much more effective in my work with clients."