An Interactive Embodiment Webinar for Coaches & Therapists

An Experiential Introduction to UZAZU Embodied Intelligence 

Join us for a 90-minute, embodiment-focused webinar with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb and co-trainer Deb Grant. Experience firsthand the power of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence to quickly rebalance your embodied state and move through blocks and resistances to promote growth and well-being in yourself and your clients.

In this experiential webinar, you will learn how UZAZU Embodied Intelligence can help you unlock your more of full individual and relational potential by cultivating a deeper, more fully synergistic mind-body connection. Through interactive exercises and a live demonstration, you will discover the power of the four core modes of embodied engagement and how they can catalyze sustainable transformation in your life and your clients' lives.

In this 90-minute free webinar, you will:

  • Discover how UZAZU Embodied Intelligence can help you and your clients develop more effective and lasting strategies for promoting health, growth, and well-being by cultivating flow and synergy between body, mind, and awareness.
  • Have a direct experience of how to embody the four core modes of embodied engagement that catalyze sustainable transformation, and learn how embodying these four core modes can increase your emotional resilience & sense of personal empowerment, and deepen your experience of connection and purposeful communication skills with others.
  • Witness a live, 1-1 UZAZU Embodied Intelligence demo session with a webinar participant and see first-hand how this approach can help them move through a key challenge from their daily life.
  • Meet the lead trainers of UZAZU, Dylan Newcomb and Deb Grant, and learn about the upcoming 3-day Foundations Training in Munich Germany, June 1-3, and the 9-Month Online Practitioner Certification Training, starting Sept. 13.
Albert Viljoen 2
"UZAZU has transformed my coaching practice and my personal life in ways that I couldn't have imagined. Using UZAZU, I can now get to the roots of any issue much more quickly and then easily work with it in an embodied way, which has made me much more effective in my work with clients."


This Webinar took place on

Wednesday, May 10th

The replay version of this free webinar lasts about 90 minutes and is highly interactive. So sign up and be prepared to follow-along and see what you experience!

Here's a short sampling of what some participants shared into the chat, during this webinar:

  • "That was very therapeutic already. I realized where I was more stuck, and practicing the flow was very healing."
  • "...this session, that brought (me into) these 4 ‘explicit’ states, felt very clarifying.
  • "(I feel...) grounded, peaceful, and part of a large group of humans."

Get instant access to this experiential introduction to UZAZU Embodied Intelligence. Discover how activating embodied intelligence can help you (and your clients) thrive.

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Meet The Trainers & Community

We're committed to providing accessible and engaging education & training in embodied intelligence. Together with a vibrant community of well-trained helping professionals, we are continually evolving this modality.

Over 3000 people have taken trainings in UZAZU, across four continents. Our community of Certified Practitioners is spread across North America & Western Europe, and is growing each year.

Dylan Newcomb and Deb Grant serve as the principal trainers and work with several experienced UZAZU-certified Training Assistants who support our trainings. 

As our community continues to expand, we're preparing to 'train the trainers', bringing UZAZU Embodied Intelligence's approach to even more helping professionals, individuals and communities around the world.

Dylan Newcomb

Founder-DirEctor & Main Co-Trainer

Dylan is a mind-body researcher, coach, lead developer & trainer of UZAZU for 20 years, and a former professional dancer.

Deb Grant, LCSW, RSMT

Main Co-Trainer & Clinical Consultant

Deb is a trauma-informed psychotherapist with 25 years of experience integrating and teaching somatic methods.

What Other Helping Professionals are Saying...

Corinne Vergote


"As a Somatic Movement Therapist, I used to rely on the various somatic practices and tools I’d trained in, but when I discovered UZAZU, I realized that its immediacy, simplicity, and practical application really made it stand out—it’s mostly the only tool I use now!"

Susanna Holowati


"UZAZU is a very holistic method that has increased my body awareness, improved my energy management, and helped me stay grounded while leading groups. This comprehensive method is ideal for therapists, coaches, dancers, or even those working with children or seniors. UZAZU adapts to your profession and significantly enhances your facilitation skills."

Khali Young


I've studied a lot of the embodiment work that's out there... And UZAZU is, for me anyway, the most elegant system of embodiment that I've come across. All of the different modes, or postures, fit together in such a beautiful way. I see it as a language of embodiment.