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3 UZAZU Demo Sessions with Dylan

In this 2-hour session, UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb gives an inside look into how he uses UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, in a 1-1 coaching context, to help people with specific personal and/or professional challenges they're facing.

Dylan Guides A Client In A Embodiment Coaching Session Oct 18 2022

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Interested in more UZAZU? Here's some possible next steps:

If you find yourself needing to make an important or difficult life-transition, or struggling to carry out an inspiring-but-overwhelming vision,
or sensing that deeper embodied integration is an essential next step for you, in your development, then see if it's a good fit for you to work soon 1-1 with Dylan...

If you're a Helping Professional (coach, therapist, counselor, etc.) interested in a bringing more full-spectrum, systematic approach to embodiment into your work with clients, then check out the upcoming 3-day Foundations of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Training, this January.

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