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Welcome to the Webinar Replay of:

The UZAZU Professional Foundations Refresher Mini-Training

with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb and Co-Trainer Deb Grant

(You can click on the timeline dots to jump to specific sections.)

Are you interested in deepening UZAZU Embodied Intelligence skills for your own personal use and/or to use with your clients?

Want to practice & integrate more what you've already learned? We have a 7-Week  version of the Foundations Training coming soon that you can join for 75% off, as a 'retaker'

Are you feeling excited about the potential, both personally and professionally, of working more skillfully & deeply with UZAZU? The super early-bird discount for the upcoming UZAZU Practitioner Certification Training lasts through Oct. 23rd.

Are you interested in the Certification Training, starting on March 2nd, but have questions if it's a fit for you now? Then grab a time below and let's chat!

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