Welcome to the Webinar Replay of:

The January 2022 Foundations Training Follow-Up Q&A and Next Steps Webinar

with Dylan Newcomb and Deb Grant

Are you interested in potentially taking your UZAZU Embodied Intelligence skills to a much deeper level of personal & professional integration and mastery?

The UZAZU Practitioner CertificationTraining starts March 2nd, 2022, and takes place one a year. If you're looking to bring significantly more 'embodied depth & breadth' into your practice this year, then this could very well be the perfect next step!

As we shared, during the webinar above, we have decided to extend to you all the Super Early-Bird Discount of 20%—that's $1,600—if you submit your application and book a conversation with us by Friday, February 13th.

Are you interested in the Certification Training, starting this March, but have questions if it's a fit for you now? Then simply grab a time below and let's chat!