How the Four Core Skills of Embodiment Can Help You Thrive Now.

     2:50 - We get officially started.
   12:34 - The sound suddenly drops out, and Dylan tries (and tries) to fix it.
   29:15 - On invitation, Dylan attempts to teach the Embodiment of Yin & Yang Polarity Integration—without any sound!
   34:20 - Yay! The sound gets fixed. Webinar proceeds 'normally'.
1:46:18 - Dylan shares about the upcoming Online Course on Dynamic Embodiment. (More info & a link to that below)

In this experiential Webinar Mini-Workshop, you will:

  • Learn about and directly experience the four core types of embodiment that you need to more deeply connect to yourself and others, feel more empowered, and start thriving more naturally—both individually, and in your relationships.
  • Be supported in making key connections between your own current top challenges & frustrations and The Four Core Skills of Embodiment—so you come away knowing what kinds of embodiment  will be most transformational & empowering for you right now.
  • Learn about a unique new opportunity to study and practice UZAZU Dynamic Embodiment online and cultivate these four transformational embodiments in your life.

The 12-Week Course, The Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment, Starts Monday, June 11th.

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