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How the Four Core Areas of Embodiment Can Help You Thrive Now.

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     2:50 - We get started. Dylan gives an overview of the Webinar and how what we'll do can most benefit you.
   12:34 - What "Embodiment" IS and Why it's such a powerful path to living with more ease, joy, flow, and purpose.
   25:45 - A Guided Tour Through the Two Core Dimensions of Embodiment (Self-Other and Sensory-Motor)
   56:35 - Experience the Goodness of each of the Four Areas of Embodiment: Center, Boundary, Contact, and Exchange
1:30:50 - A Summary & Integration of the Four Areas of Embodiment and how they Synergistically create Goodness.
1:37:55 - Dylan shares about the upcoming Online Course on Dynamic Embodiment. (More info & a link to that below)

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The 12-Week Course: 

The Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment 

(Is Currently Closed / In session and will start again in Spring 2019)

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