Welcome to the Video Replay of:

Munich UZAZU Foundations Training: Follow-up Q&A, Practice and Next Steps

with Dylan and Deb

And, if you're thinking at all about the Certification training...

An Additional Discount, for the Practitioner Certification Training

Practitioner Certification Training Graduates 2022 Certificate 2

We’d like to extend you a private, extra $400 discount (so that’s $2000 off, instead of $1600) if you complete an application and book a call in the coming 10 days—by end of Friday, June 23rd.

If after your call with Dylan or Deb, you’re then still a ‘yes’ or a ‘maybe,’ we’ll give you a $2000 discount coupon with your name on it that will be good for the following week after that, so you have time still to decide.

After that, the $1600 early-bird discount stays in effect through July 25.

If you know you're quite interested, we encourage you to simply book a call this week already, and reserve the extra discount. There's no need to know for sure yet if it will ultimately work for you to join... Often, having a call with me or Deb can help clarify any questions or concerns and perhaps find a solution together to any complication you may have. We look forward to speaking with you!