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Webinar Replay – How to Cultivate Your Embodied Intelligence – Part 2

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Welcome to the Webinar Replay of:

How to Cultivate Your Embodied Intelligence
>> Part 2 of 2 <<

with embodiment trainer & coach Dylan Newcomb

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Grab the Embodied Intelligence Short Self-Assessment handout!

(You'll want to print this out first, so you can work with it during the webinar/workshop!)


0.00.00  Welcome, Introduction, Overview of this second webinar
0.02.45  A quick review of the key points from Webinar 1
0.10.00  The key importance of Shaping your Awareness to best support the situation in the moment.

0.10.30  "Part 2”: Creating an embodied framework for shared understanding, Working with the handout
0.21.45  Going Experientially through the four quadrants of the Self-Assessment, starting with: "Resonant Connection"
0.30.30  Next quadrant: "Appreciative Inner-Experience"
0.52.45  Next quadrant: "Self-Empowering Behavior"
1.10.00  Experience the "dance" of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness through the Sensory-Motor System (Join the fun!)
1.19.10  Next quadrant: "Meaningful Contribution"
1.27.55  Answering a question about the difference between the Developmental Sequence and the Temporal Flow
1.33.30  About how to work with people/clients using UZAZU; A demonstration of the eight UZAZU body postures

1.45.00  The upcoming Private Coaching Program and Group Coaching Program in UZAZU Embodied Intelligence
2.02.55  End

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to work directly with me on transforming your own limiting patterns and stepping in more ease, flow and joy in YOUR life now!

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About the Author

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Dylan Newcomb is the founder & lead trainer of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, a master embodiment-based coach for helping professionals & cultural creatives, and an avid embodiment researcher.

Dylan trained at the Juilliard School in both dance performance and music composition and was a multi-award-winning choreographer-composer in the Netherlands for over a decade. Generously funded by the Dutch government, Dylan went on to co-found Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2001, where he conducted cross-cultural research for several years, exploring how vocal sounds, breath, and movement influenced thought, emotion, and behavior across hundreds of subjects. This research formed the basis for what has evolved into the modality now known as UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

Over the past 18 years, Dylan has taught this unique approach to embodiment training to over 3,000 students across 4 continents. He has trained coaches, therapists, group facilitators, policemen, doctors, and business leaders in how to quickly balance their inner states to bring more ease and flow to their engagement in the world.

Dylan lives with his wife Kyung-sun Baek and their 11-year-old daughter Kiana in Freeport Maine, USA.

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