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Embodying the Wisdom & Power of your Full Emotional Spectrum

with Dylan Newcomb

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Dylan’s Special Birthday UZAZU Sale: 25% off everything for the next 3 days!

I've never done it before, but I felt called this year to give a special Birthday Discount and help make UZAZU a bit more easily available to everyone.

Dylans Birthday Coupon How To Use

If you insert the code DYLANS-B-DAY in the coupon code section of ANY UZAZU order page for any training or coaching package, you get 25% off.

This birthday discount runs for 3 days only: Friday, Mar. 25 - Sunday, Mar. 27

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What people are saying about UZAZU and working with Dylan:

"This system is so vital, fresh and organic. When you do it, you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. UZAZU deserves to be studied by anyone with a serious interest in promoting mind-body integration." — Larry Stoler, PhD, DCEP

"Dylan has helped me deal with chaos and grief; he has helped me experience joy and my own potential to step forward powerfully in life." — Robin Reinach, Writer, Producer, Investor

Upcoming UZAZU Opportunities

Are you interested in working more deeply with transforming your own emotional responses? Learn to safely experience the full spectrum of your emotions as sources of valuable energy and information that bring embodied wisdom & power into your daily life. The 4-month personal-growth program, Embodied Emotional Empowerment, starts April 18th.

As a coach, therapist, or other helping professional, you’ll come away from this highly engaging 7-week live training with a comprehensive framework & toolkit of practical, embodied principles & practices you can use right away with your clients.

I don't typically discount my private coaching packages, but I feel called to make my services more affordable for more people right now, in this period. If you feel called to do some deeper 'repatterning work' and gain more flow and momentum in your life right now—then this could be a good opportunity for you.

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