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Discover how to Activate your Client's Embodied Intelligence

with UZAZU founder Dylan Newcomb and Co-Trainer Deb Grant

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Are you interested in learning UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, for your own personal use and/or to use with your clients?

Want to learn the core principles, postures, and protocols of UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, and use them effectively with your clients? The next live, online version of our Professional Foundations Training runs Jan. 20-22th, 2020. 

Are you feeling excited about the potential—both personally and professionally—of working more skillfully & deeply with UZAZU Embodied Intelligence? Our transformational 9-month Practitioner Certification Training program will give you the ability to confidently and effectively work with clients in a deeply embodied way across a complete range of issues.

Are you interested in the Certification Training, starting on March 2nd, 2022, but have questions if it's a fit for you now? Then grab a time below and let's chat!

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