Welcome to the Webinar Replay of:

An Experiential Introduction to UZAZU Embodied Intelligence

with UZAZU founder & lead trainer Dylan Newcomb and co-trainer Deb Grant, LCSW

Bring UZAZU Embodied Intelligence to your work with clients!

Deb Guides Kellie Into Pillar Mode UZAZU Embodied Intelligence V2 Copy

Unlock the power of Embodied Intelligence in your personal life and professional 1-1 practice. Join us for a 3-day UZAZU Foundations of Embodied Intelligence Training in Munich, Germany, June 1-3—or online!

UZAZU Online Embodiment Training On Laptop Bridge Mode3.1 Flipped

Thru June 30th, we're offering a deeply discounted rate for our in-depth 9-month Certification Training, which starts on September 13th, 2023. Read all about it, and apply now to get $1,600 off the Certification Training and 80% off on an in-person or online Foundations Training (and more bonuses).

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