Group Session – Working with UZAZU for ongoing wellbeing and development Copy

In Group Coaching Session #12:

0.00.00 Welcome and Context-Setting

0.02.45 Guided Meditation: Bringing Neutral Posture into each of the Bodymind Dimensions

0.19.30 Chat responses and reflection in the meditation

0.23.45 Taking some extra time for the 3 Body-Mind Dimensions

0.42.00 Guided experience on working with something through Channel

1.02.00 At the whiteboard: 3 different ways to work with Channel (or any posture/mode)

1.22.00 Balancing, Integrating, and “Neutralizing”

1.29.30 On working with Thought Forms, or “beliefs”

1.46.45 Working with “negative beliefs”

1.54.15 Dylan responds to Alex’s question, discussion of ego defenses, “reaction formation”

2.08.10 Final reflections and shares on the arc of our individual journeys through the course

2.24.15 Dylan’s reflections on the journey for him, plus announcements of future programs, practical matters

2.33.30 Good-byes

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Group Session – Using the Embodiment Matrix to Navigate Challenging Issues Copy

In Group Coaching Session #11:

0.00.00 Welcome, vision for the session
0.03.25 Guided meditation
0.08.55 Reflections: Where does your attention go, and what does it try to avoid?
0.17.35 Let’s take the Embodiment Matrix and apply it (3 simple questions)
0.25.45 Guided exploration, digging into discomfort
0.39.40 Rest, invite chat responses to Dylan’s chat question: “Dealing with ____, I went into ____ posture, and then into ____ posture, which helped me to _____.
0.47.50 Continue to unpack the process with live questions/comments from multiple people
1.25.55 The 3 body-mind dimensions as the spine of the embodiment matrix
1.34.55 Exploration of use of the hands and how different positions affect your mode/state
1.54.25 Final wrap up comments before some need to go
1.57.00 extended discussion on the 3 BMD’s as the 3D spine of the Embodiment Matric/Cude; then a bit about the “orbitals”
2.04.45 Differentiating “balanced” and “neutral”
2.27.00 end

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Group Session: Saying a more full YES to the Messy Mesh Copy

In Group Coaching Session #10:

0.00.00 – Welcoming and brief Context-Setting
0.01.30 – Invitation to tune into the feeling-tone of your current & upcoming ‘meshing’ co-creativity
0.04.20 – Guided meditation: Going into Sponge Posture, then submerging the Mesh-Future Space into the Sponge and then brining it back out again
0.14.50 – Reflections on the meditation
0.18.05 – Chat shares leading into live shares from the group
0.38.00 – Guided Process: Yin & Yang as Body & Mind, moving in and out through the 3 spatial dimensions.
0.54.45 – Rest, shares about the process
1.05.30 – Short guided process (2 min) of using mind to focus on feelings in the body
1.08.20 – Further Commentary on past/future synergy, friction, ‘bottlenecking’, and integration
1.28.00 – Exploration of Mesh with the 3 dimensions
1.43.00 – Thoughts on conditioning and learning vs. trauma
1.51.46 – Guided Practice: Resolving inner tensions by bringing Awareness around them, and then, most importantly, within them
1.58.15 – Final comments until the formal end of the session
2.00.10 – post-game discussion
2.06.55 – Dylan at the whiteboard, explaining how mind gets ‘stuck in the body’ through introjections and projections
2.30.00 – Final short discussion and comments
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Group Session: Allowing the Channel to be clean and clear Copy

In Group Coaching Session #9:

0.00.00 – Welcome, context-setting for Channel Posture (brief)and into stretch/warmup
0.02.00 – Guided Meditation on Neutral Postits in its Dimensionalized and Dimensionless natures
0.15.00 – end guided meditation/exploration, invite chats, Dylan comments on this Neutral exploration
0.23.00 – “Let’s do shit!” [Nah, not yet, more questions and comments :)]
0.46.05 – Doing Channel Posture
1.02.30 –  Channel Posture imbalanced in the Sagittal, Self-Other Dimension
1.08.10 – Sit/rest/share
1.13.55 – Another key thing: How yang and yin ‘bleed over’ from one dimension into the others
1.19.50 – Channel Posture imbalanced in the Vertical, Sensing-Acting Dimension
1.27.30 – Rest/debrief, reflections on the connection between time and sensing (sensing takes time!)
1.32.30 – Dylan at the whiteboard, getting geeky: How our experience of time relates to the square root of negative one
1.43.30 – Channel Posture imbalanced in the Lateral, Content-Context Dimension
1.53.50 – Chat about Lateral imbalances, rich discussion & more teaching follows
2.11.00 – Circling back on the notion of time & mind, and the dynamic of Yin as allowing our experience of Beauty to guide our integration of energy and information.
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Group Session: Entering more Fully and Feely into the Flow of the Field Copy

In Group Coaching Session #8:

0.00.00 – Welcome, context-setting for Field Posture
0.02.05 – Stretch; Guided Meditation into Field Posture Practice
0.16.15 – Benedikt asks about vowel sound changes from UZAZU v1 to v2
0.21.35 – Back to Field Posture shares
0.50.20 – Aside on Yin and Sponge Posture, and the nature and integration of Sadness
1.19.50 – The notion of “minimum viable mind”—using only as much mind as needed and not more.
1.33.10 – Pillar and Field—balance and integration
1.43.50 – Chat shares
1.48.10 – Open forum
1.57.30 – End
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Group Session: Deepening your capacity to connect thru Bridge Posture Copy

In Group Coaching Session #7:

0.00.00 – Dylan joins after Eric’s initial hosting and Sponge-Pillar guided exploration

0.02.15 – Question to group with hand raise for levels

0.11.40 – Introduction to the theme of Self focus supporting an Other focus

0.13.40 – Exercise: Grounding in Self before moving into Other / Bridge

0.19.30 – invite shares on that experience

0.23.20 – Exploration of the imbalances of Bridge Posture

0.34.55 – Sharing about process

0.38.20 – Partner exercise for Bridge

1.00.00 – Sharing experience about the partner exercise

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Group Session – Doing Deeper Work with Gateway Posture Copy

In Group Coaching Session #6:

0.00.00 – Welcome, introductory remarks

0.10.20 – Guided meditation, into Gateway Posture

0.22.25 – Chat comments & responses after the guided process

0.48.20 – Experiencing Gateway Posture thru the emotional pattern of Anger

1.01.45 Reflections on the Anger Integration process

1.14.00 – Exploring Shame

1.23.10 – Sharing

1.34.30 – Identification and Dis-Identification with the ‘Doer’ in Pillar Posture

1.44.00 –  internet connection poor for several minutes

1.50.40 Debrief Exercise

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Group Session – Reclaiming a more empowered capacity for Intentional Action Copy

In Group Coaching Session #5:

0.00.00 – Welcome, Introductory remarks for working with Pillar Posture

0.03.36 – Guided Meditation on ‘doing nothing and being empty’, in Neutral Posture

0.14.40 – Chat comments & Discussion

0.22.55 – “Let’s do it!” Pillar Posture; questions/comments from people’s practice

0.27.45 – Commentary on “action-effect bindings” and how understanding them helps you repattern motor-related trauma

0.48.22 Pillar Posture Practice

1.05.55 – Sagittal Imbalances in Pillar

1.20.40 – Reflection on Sagittal Imbalances

1.34.45   Vertical Imbalances in Pillar

1:49:20 – Reflection on Vertical Imbalances

1:52:40 – Lateral Imbalances in Pillar

1:57:12 – Reflection on Lateral Imbalances and on the  challenges to Action-taking in general

2:06:55 – An additional practice on more directly flowing Sensing (Sponge) into Action (Pillar)

2:14:10 – Final Reflections and Discussion

(Download the Handout for this session, which is located in the following section.)

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