Welcome to the
Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment!

An Introduction to and Overview of The Course

In this Course Introduction Video, we will:

  • Clarify the main objectives of this course. Just what are we trying to accomplish here!?
  • Define Dynamic Embodiment. What is it? And why might it be worth 'cultivating'?
  • Understand how this course is structured. What will we be be focusing on, in each stage of the journey?
  • Identify the key requirements for success. What will you need to do in order make this a really effective, transformational process for you?

The Module 1 Live Class:
Setting the Container, and Exploring the Three Core Bodymind Dimensions

In this Module 1 Live Class:

  • 0:00 - Welcoming, Clarification of Intention, and Speaking to the 'Mindset' or Approach of the Course.
  • 5:25 - A Group Co-Presencing Moment, where we  allow ourselves to feel one another in so-called 'virtual' space.
  • 13:00 - The 3 Questions underlying Dynamic Embodiment
  • 18:00 - The Interplay of Awareness, Mind, & Body—Explanation and Short Exercise, Embodied Pong Game example.
  • 27:54 - The Three Core Bodymind Dimensions—Context Setting, then a Direct Experience of all Three Dimensions.
  • 1:16:15 - Post-Practice Commentary, Integration Meditation, Discussion, and some Q&A

>>> Can I have your Input?   I have a Question about oUr weekly Live Class:

While planning this course, I wanted to keep the time commitment as manageable as possible, while still delivering the maximum depth and 'transformational power' possible. It's always a tricky trade off 😉 Usually, my online classes have been 90 minutes. I tried today fitting it into 60, but it felt short/tight. I'd like to make the class very 'manageable for you all.. AND I'd like to give you the depth and space to let the material sink in and be able to reflect, share, and breathe with it as we go. 

Would extending the Weekly Class to 90 minutes for be 'doable' for you? Let's take a poll and see ho many can make that work. If you can't come live most of the time, please vote anyway, based on you preference for the length of the replay class. Thanks!

PS - Seeing as this is the first time I teach the new 'UZAZU 2.0' in group form, I may well ask for your input several times, throughout this journey, as I dynamically search for the optimal embodiment of this Dynamic Embodiment course 😉

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The Module 1 practice Video:
Moving Through the Three Dimensions of Space

About this Practice:

Moving Through the Three Dimensions of Space, is a simple practice that leads you through an embodied experience of moving into each of the two poles of each spatial axis: Sagittal (back-forward), Vertical (down-up), and Lateral (narrow-wide). It give you the opportunity to listen and feel... What happens, what arises in you, when you find yourself in each of these positions? 

As you experience each of these six 'places', allow yourself to also feel more deeply into the unique opportunity that each of them can provide. Which places feel like they might want to be more often and fully embodied? Which ones feel like you can tend to 'get a bit stuck' there, both internally and / or externally...?  Enjoy!

Once you get the hang of this simple process, you can do it in less and less time for yourself: Simply take a few moments to consciously shift & oscillate back and forth along each spatial axis. As you do so, allow your awareness to naturally attune to how it can best support your body-mind in each place, and in how you flow among them.

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