Welcome to the
Foundations of Dynamic Embodiment!

A First Group Coaching Call

In this First Group Coaching Session:

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    3:15 - Start. Dylan sets the container, speaks to the main focus or intention of these sessions and lays out some general guidelines for how we interact on these calls and participate in this process. 
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    19:00 - A short Grounding Mediation and Intention-Setting
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    27:00 - Everyone introduces themselves
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    54:25 - We go though the first two bodymind dimensions, experiencing the healthy AND excessive dynamics of each of the two poles of the Sagittal Dimension (Separating & Connecting) and the Vertical Dimension (Sensing & Acting)
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    1:35:20 - Reflection, Final Q&A, Goodbye

ATTENTION: My apologies—This Comments Section is not working yet, so I've closed it down for now. We'll have it up and running in the first part of next week, and then everyone can make their introduction and add comments below these videos. Thanks for your patience with this - we're getting there!

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