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An Online Embodiment Coaching Session with Dylan Newcomb

"Embodiment" is NOT a one-approach-fits-all kind of process. What does YOUR body-mind-awareness system need now, to come into greater dynamic balance? Let's clarify together what that re-patterning process & growth journey wants to be for YOU!

In this Discovery Session, you will:

  • Clearly identify the SPECIFIC STATES & UNDERLYING, EMBODIED PATTERNS  that are currently causing YOU the most stress, overwhelm, disconnection, and limitations in your life now—so you can KNOW what most needs to be addressed!
  • Discover which kinds of TARGETED, EMBODIED PRACTICES will most help you repattern your specific imbalanced statesso you can starting living in a more deeply purpose-aligned way and more easefully THRIVE in your life.
  • Discover how a COACHING JOURNEY using UZAZU Embodied Intelligence could support you, in your situation, to integrate & apply your embodied re-patterning in a lasting way.

Extremely soul-nourishing and life-confirming

It is extremely soul nourishing and life confirming/fulfilling to be seen and to experience myself as a whole, leaving nothing out. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.

Judith Minnema
Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

I feel empowered and clear

Working with Dylan has helped me to feel empowered and clear, even in the midst of a lot of chaos—and that feeling has stayed! We tend to be very much lost in our "mind-stuff" these days and getting more into the body in this way is unlike any other approach I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! Dylan is a master at what he does.

Rob Scott
Life Coach & Marketer


Identify & Understand...

….your underlying, limiting patterns—at an EMBODIED level

To identify the psychological & historical elements at play in your current challenges will of course help… But this mental clarity and self-awareness can often still leave you without a direct, concrete way to actually RE-PATTERN your deep-set, habitual responses.

This Discovery Session will be focused on exploring together what you are experiencing now in your life—your current challenges and desires— and then clarifying from that, in connection with your UZAZU assessment results, how your body-mind-awareness system needs TO SHIFT, in order to bring you into greater balance and synergy in your life now.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence - Eight Modes Self-Assessment Response Pattern
The Nine UZAZU Postures and Embodiment Images v2.2.1


De-stress & Re-pattern...

...your conditioned, responses—so you can more fully THRIVE

Each specific pattern of reactive imbalance inevitably includes a physiological dysregulation layer, an emotional state-experience layer, and a cognitive-belief layer. And most of this activity is NOT initially within your conscious awareness! 

Without being able to bring this physical-emotional-mental reactivity into the sphere of felt awareness, it's very challenging indeed, to actively collaborate with your clients to transform it at the root level.

In this session, you'll also learn how UZAZU Embodied Intelligence coaching can help you utilize specific body postures & movements, together with vowel sounds, visualizations, and statements to gently-yet-quickly retrain your body-mind-awareness to activate it's core response-patterns in a more aligned, empowering way.


Integrate & Apply...

….easy-to-Learn, targeted UZAZU embodiment practices—so you can integrate positive, balanced new states INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE

You can often have breakthrough insights and even experience cathartic shifts within the safe container of the session, but then feel lost and disempowered again afterward. 

That's why it's SO valuable, coming out of each coaching session, to ALSO to have specific, embodied practices you can easily practice on your own to further integrate the new states you’re learning to access & integrate. You then also receive coaching on HOW to practice activating & applying these new, empowering states directly into the actual situations where you want them to show up differently in your life.

THIS is of course where all the real, meaningful change-work actually 'pays off'!

Physical-Posture_3D_010_Pillar Body with Wireframe

More drive and passion...

It's changing how I energetically interact with everything around me. I have more drive. I have more passion. I feel I can be more authentic, and sharing my truth is one of the most gratifying things I have now.

Ben MacIssac

Profound and life-changing

I would definitely recommend people to work with Dylan. I found Uzazu to be profound and life-changing. Dylan and UZAZU have helped me move out of my head and into my body. I couldn't have done what I’ve done without Dylan’s support and help.”

Monica Day
Massage Therapist, Transformational Energy Healer

Often, just talking is not enough...

Often, just talking about our life's concerns, as with many types of coaching or psychotherapy, is simply not enough to create true transformation. The Uzazu approach supports one in more fully feeling into the new possibilities and starting to enact them almost immediately.

Eric Troth
Dylan Newcomb


Dylan Newcomb

After 18 years as a successful ballet & modern dancer, and contemporary classical music composer, Dylan went on to pursue his passion for embodied, human development,  researching & developing what is now recognized as a modern, leading embodiment theory & method: UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

To date, Dylan has taught UZAZU over 4,000 people worldwide, who have learned and used it to help them integrate their emotions and past traumatic events, connect with others more deeply & skillfully, and become more empowered & effective in their work.

Dylan also trains & certifies UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Practitioners who use UZAZU in their own work with clients to help them more quickly and profoundly embody whatever they are working on. Training other coaches and therapists in (UZAZU-based) embodied coaching methods, and supporting them in their work with clients, has further refined and inspired Dylan’s work with his own clients.

Working with people 1-1 in an online coaching context Dylan is able to help people rapidly shift into an ease, joy, and 'real-world effectiveness' they often no longer believed was even possible.

What states are you wanting to SHIFT in your personal & professional life right now?

Schedule a FREE 75-minute Discovery Session with Dylan Newcomb

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