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Announcing Scholarships for the UZAZU Practitioner Training

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence is pleased to offer a limited number of partial scholarships to make our in-depth Practitioner Certification Training more accessible for experienced professionals dedicated to social justice, community impact, inclusion, and/or serving those in economically challenged countries. These scholarships aim to help change-makers bring UZAZU's integrative, embodied facilitation skills to individuals and communities who would most benefit.

Scholarship Details

We will be awarding 3 scholarships of $5,000 each towards the full $8,000 tuition. This results in a $3,000 fee for the full 9-month practitioner training, with everything included. Scholarships are being offered for the training starting on September 13, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a UZAZU training scholarship, applicants must meet all the following core requirements: 

  • Demonstrate financial need and current inability to afford the full tuition without significant hardship or sacrifice. These scholarships aim to expand access!
  • Have 2+ years experience actively working in mental health, coaching, therapy, somatic work, etc. This ensures applicants can fully utilize and apply the deep learnings from the training.
  • Have an intermediate to advanced level of English, as the training involves extensive peer discussion.
  • Confirm ability to fully participate in the entire 9-month training program and fulfill the requirements to become certified. (See the course description page to review these details.)
  • Have and articulate your vision and intention for applying the UZAZU approach in your work or community after completing the training. 

In addition, applicants should also identify in one or more of the following ways to be considered:

  • Supporting Global Access: Applicants living in significantly lower-income regions worldwide who would otherwise not have access to UZAZU's transformational teachings and who can bring the skills learned back to underserved communities with limited resources.
  • Social Justice and Community Impact: Applicants who are engaged in social justice work such as: 1) Providing accessible counseling, coaching, or holistic care through community clinics and outreach programs serving underserved groups. 2) Working directly with marginalized communities leading workshops, trainings, or support groups focused on healing, empowerment, and equity. 3) Working with organizations or companies, focusing on addressing systemic inequities or implicit bias related to mental health access, race, gender, LGBTQ+ rights, etc.
  • Access, Diversity, and Inclusion: Applicants who identify as coming from historically underrepresented backgrounds who face systemic barriers, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+ folks, and people with disabilities.
  • Dedicated Public Service: Applicants working in nonprofits, community clinics, public schools, and other professional roles serving vulnerable groups where salaries often limit professional development opportunities.

Scholarship Recipient Commitments

If awarded a scholarship, recipients commit to:  

  1. Fully participate in the 9-month training and meet all requirements to become UZAZU certified.
  2. Pay the gift forward by facilitating 4 reduced-cost or free UZAZU sessions in your community after graduating.
  3. Share your UZAZU journey with colleagues, co-workers or peers and let them know how it has benefitted you professionally and personally.

Note: Scholarship recipients are subject to our general refund policy for withdrawal from the program:

“Receive a Full Refund within the first 30 days provided that you fully participate in and complete the first two weeks of the training.”

How to Apply

If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying, please complete the UZAZU Scholarship Application ASAP.

The deadline to apply is September 6, 2023.

We will review your application as soon as it comes in. If we feel your participation is a potential fit as one of our three scholarship recipients, we will reach out and ask you to schedule a 30-minute call with UZAZU's Director Dylan Newcomb to discuss your situation & vision, and confirm if the scholarship is a good fit.

All scholarship applicants will be notified of our final decisions by September 9, 2023.

Please direct any questions to dylan.newcomb@uzazu.org

We look forward to reading your application and making this transformative training accessible to more people!