UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

Coherent Relational Dynamics: In some ways, this feels like an area where I feel a lot of ease, but upon further reflection I notice how much it is context specific, too. I live alone and do not interact with people very much, although I generally do feel very warm and friendly towards others when I have the opportunity to interact. A lot of the situations are quite curated, though, and most tend to be online. I have been involved in countless formal relational practice exchanges over the years where the name of the game is attunement, finding resonance, or developing coherence. A lot of this would fall in the category of “We-Space” exploration (for those who might be familiar with that reference). And, I’m also aware that I’m pretty selective in terms of who I spend time interacting with. I further notice that I’m strongly biased towards relationships of general harmony, ease, and cooperation rather than those of high dissonance or conflict. It feels like a growing edge for me to explore more of the types of relationships where things do not easily click and there is greater tension.