Resilient Body-Mind Modes: This is complex for me, but what lingers upon more reflection is 1) sustaining a deep feeling of care, even devotion. That can, of course, be directed towards others and the environment, but there is also a strong sense of it while alone. I could perhaps describe it as prayerful reverence towards everything, including myself, although it doesn’t necessarily need an object. It simply feels like a quality of being that seems durable and available in the moments when I remember and choose to occupy it. 2) As a more action oriented side of that, I would say drive. I feel able to push through a lot of physical challenge and actually practice that a lot. That doesn’t seem as available for certain kinds of emotional challenges, however, where I am more up and down. I also recognize a way in which the physical drive can override some of the emotional states I prefer not to feel.

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