UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

My most familiar Experiential State seems to be Cradle: a contained sensing of self, an aware introversion. I am easily moved and revel in feeling states. I weep in art museums. I also feel great blasts of irritation that can be almost pleasurable s they no longer last or fester as they once did. What I find challenging is to take a grounded stand for my creative expression ie. actually doing something. I can avoid stepping out to a focused connection with other people. Resilient Body-Mind Mode: I am still not certain about the distinction between a Mode and and emotional State. Dylan gives the example of being in a “Joyful Mode”. How is that different from experiencing a state of joy? Coherent Relational Dynamics: I am quick to step up to help others as needed and can sustain service over time. I am good in a crisis and practiced at maintaining a balance between my interior state and the task at hand. I pay attention to other people and read them. The sense of coherence though can come from feeling useful and needed, so the overall dynamic might become lopsided and end up more like separation than coherence. Purposeful Life Engagement: The moments of experiencing synergy of my life’s purpose are glorious moments of balance between receiving and serving, loving and being loved.