UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Certified Practitioner

Question re the micro actions practice on Sponge.

Is there a point where we are to let go of the negative/yucky feeling/situation?

It seems that steps 1 through 5 (micro Cradle through Bridge) all relate fairly directly to the evoked feeling/situation: tune in to the feelings & sensations, notice what needs attention, go intentionally into it, respect and honor it, connect and be with it in a supportive way. By then my experience of the yucky feeling/situation has shifted, may even be attenuated, but it is still present. For the actions 6-8, do I simply take it to the beach? Let it sit among the remembered or imagined collective joy?

When the negative feeling/situation is a stubborn belief, these last steps can feel inauthentic to me. My answer to my own question is that doing the exercise at my own speed, I might go only as far as seems true. Might it be that I need more time, with this particular feeling at Bridge for unblending?