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Hi All, Question re Community Page: I do not see any postings other than technical questions and what seems to be a business website ad. Are people posting their actual reflections somewhere else or to their pods? Also: I am feeling lonely for our community. May we take some time today in class to see …

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Hi, Dylan! I catch myself in worrying about coronavirus. I see huge difference being in airports at January and at the end of February. And I feel tension in my body when I see how quickly COVId 19 spread in Europe. What do you think about pandemic situation? Do we have plan “B” about retreat …

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Hi, Dylan. After finally going through the Module 3 Live Class, I’d like to re-take the assessment, to give a more accurate ‘baseline’. I clicked on ‘take the assessment’ again, but can’t find  button to actually do so. Help with this please?

UMI in Gateway:The second time through I witnessed all sorts of interior resistance to shifting away from lovely distraction of extreme Bridge and back to what I expected to be the old shame of Gateway. But as my feet repositioned for a steadier Bridge I observed the movement continue, from the ground up, as over …

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Hi dear Cherry Pod – Graham, Monica, Alexandra. How might we connect?

Hi Alex and all, I am posting this to the training group. Up until now it seems I posted my class reflections etc to to the “entire community.”  What comprises that group?  I wonder what they made of  the posts.  

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