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In 2020-21, I worked to help bring a rigorous approach to the design and development of UZAZU Trainings at all levels. Through this process, we’ve designed a robust curriculum and competency framework for the Basic and Intermediate Professional & Personal learning journeys with UZAZU Embodied Intelligence.

I’m also an Instructional Designer for eLearning for both educational institutions and industry, currently working with Raising Voices, a non-profit with the mission of preventing violence against women and children worldwide, based in Uganda.

As a certified UZAZU practitioner, I offer support to others in their life journey to become conscious—in an embodied way—about all the structures that hold us back from freely expressing the simplicity of our authentic, true nature. How? By tapping into our innate, childlike sense of curiosity, play, experimentation, and ultimately trust in ourselves, to arrive at a place of ease, joy, and freedom.

What do you have to “let go of” in order to create space for what wants to come in? What old structures do you need to shed to allow an opening for the abundance that exists within you, without having to “figure it out” and “make it happen?”

Since June 2020, I've been living on my sailboat with my partner Will, and am a life-long sailor who is Captain of Her Own Ship; a devoted dancer who learned to get “out of my mind and into my body” on the dance floor; a writer of poems, plays, and personal reflection; an actor, a singer, and keyboard explorer; and a lover of the journey of life.

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    Former UZAZU Curriculum Designer, Instructional Designer, UZAZU Facilitator

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