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Kellie Ryan

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My gifts are in attuning and collaborative play. I offer space where there is permission to be honest about the challenging topic of sexuality.

My work as a professional includes 19 years experience being a massage therapist, a holistic sexuality educator, and a workshop facilitator focusing on intimacy and relationship. I am a somatic explorer and that is where Uzazu comes in! I use this modality as a rich platform for individuals who are interested in investigating themselves from a less cerebral place. Helping them into their own brilliant imaginations and perceptions that arise from using the modes of Uzazu, among other movement meditations, that allow people to arrive into the universe and the wisdom of their bodies.

My views on sexuality and its overlap with Uzazu:

Sexuality is a phenomena that feels like a portal to some of the richest concerns and particularities of a person. Often when people ask me about working in the field of sexuality, there is an assumption that we will be talking about the act of sex, the fruits of desire, and setting goals for better sexual outcomes. Not really. Sure, sometimes, but more it is our sense of self, how we relate to others, relationship patterns, our confidence, ethics, how to be or stay in our bodies powerfully, and what we want to create, that are much more the topics that root themselves in this so called field of sexuality.
I will both speak frankly and easefully about perversions we all share and the ones we don’t. I will laugh with you about the cultural narratives and expectations that you may be running into. I will most importantly give you permission to explore what is real for you now about your own sexuality and I will help you move to more clarity about what you are creating with the body you have now.

Using Uzazu helps my clients find themselves, find their beliefs, discover more about how to do relationships with both the inanimate and animate worlds around them. Exploring sexuality is both physical and spiritual, relational and individual, giving and receiving. I offer a space where we can collaborate on enhancing your relationship with your connection with this life and your sexuality inside of that.

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    CHSE (certified holistic sexuality educator), Uzazu Practitioner, LMT (licensed massage therapist)
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    Holistic Sexuality Educator, Massage Therapy
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    Creativity, Sexuality, Visualization, Touch, Emotional Work, deep tissue relaxation, Intimacy, Empowerment, Couples Work

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